This season , throwers , no communications, sexuall harassment , worst season


Im a mid diamond , played so many games this season bcuz of the weekly /daily force comp games and it was the worst matches of my whole life , im a support tank main and i did everything i could , trying to make ppl chat / use vc leading them , but it didnt work everyone died separate , we had 4 dps each game , torb /junk one tricks every game and also at the end facing toxic ppl . I even got a lose streak of 11 on my placements and then grinded for days to reach my top sr which eventually i got down tiered to plat right now , blizz check all of my games , give me back my sr or i leave the game the way every one did…
Also i killed my self , playing support on gold plat cuz no one else would have played and grinded , how is it that a smurf troll with one tricking torb and junk can reach diamond , isnt that unfair ?


if a onetrick torb or junk can reach diamond, while you can’t, they’re doing it right I guess.


the way to go in eu is to mute voice ez sr


My suggestion is dont play comp at all.You will never advance to higher ranks on pure kill alone.If you want to play serious comp,I suggest you go play CSGO


I played csgo for long time , its a troll game since it went free and also lots of hackers the same thing happens to ow if goes free , also ow needs a different kind of sr system for group que and solo que like what ive heared from dota … Also it needs a better placement mechanics , ppl told me reach plat after that ull have good team/comps/communications i reached it but there was no sign of those things , again ppl told me to reach diamond to reach those things , again i didnt find those pure skills /speed kills/ communications till i faced lots of stupid throwers in comp . The point is (there is no gameplay difference in ow ranks , all are the same trash talking / trolling / insta pick dps thing from bronze to top 500 ) so the game deserves to die .


Its not true if you have premium purchased


Premium what? Is that something csgo has, how is it different?


Since CSGO became free to play,Valve added premium matchmaking.Premium matchmaking is only available to people who owned the game before the f2p and to people who pay 13 $ dollars for it(the same price as the game before the f2p)


Dude was csgo comp matches any different before ? How many bought accounts were banned cuz of hacks and other stuff? Yeah there was a prime match making which had no difference to the normal one , only having less hackers instead of facing one each game .


I rarely saw hackers in comp mathces.Smurfs were a bigger problem,but from what I see the game is in a pretty good state as of moment


Everyone gets premium at lvl 21 and trust factor is a mess, even though i have exceptionally well TF, my friends do not. Also they removed phone identification, one of the few ways they severely limited hackers.

So if you wanna play CSGO comp. Then at low ranks do what you want, as soon as you reach a middle rank and wanna take it more seriously think about ESEA or Faceit, very low hacker numbers, generally a very enjoyable experience, outside of the toxic environment ofc.


I’ve had teams where ive been dps and blaming me cuz we’re loseing but they cant seem to see that WE HAVE 2 GOD DAM OFF TANKS


and no-one bloody talks any more wtf


Tbh, this is not that different to how things were pre-role queue. But then you could have more than 2 offtanks… You could have no healers at all or 4 dps etc… Current system… two off-tanks is silly, but it is better than what we had before.

I guess these are people who are dps mains and can’t be bothered to queue dps. They go by the way of least pain and play offtank. In my opinion if you can’t play main tank you shouldn’t queue tank role at all. Two main tanks is the meta pretty much after all…

People are not going to change. They are still stupid, no matter the format.