This weeks hero pool

I am all for hero pools. but don’t like to us about it being 1-2-1 if you have no intention of sticking to that.

Secondly, what the f*** where they thinking with this weeks set. Comp is a mess. You can’t tank in gold as the supports spend all week looking up at the pharmercy and they you just get melted by it, as there is only bastion as hitscan and gold DPS are sketchy at best.

It is just down to who has the best Pharmercy, or the ones lucky to have all the smurfs with the Chinese/Korea names that don’t think they are doing anything wrong.


I’ve seen a lot of people mention this whole 1-2-1 thing. I don’t recall ever seeing bliz state that what it was always going to be. If i recall they said they would try it that way and see.

As for this weeks hero pool. It’s awful in the lower ranks and even worse on console. The biggest issue comes from Pharamercy being combo’d with Tracer or Reaper is hell. Move into the Higher ranks and it’s just dive comp all over again.

With a huge lack of consistent CC (Sombra’s hack, Mcree’s flash) Reaper and Tracer can just walk through the tanks. The obvious counter is Brig, but that leaves you with Brig solo healing as everyone’s running Pharamercy. Doom / Mei aren’t bad picks, but struggle with reduced tank peel.

Shield Tanks can’t peel for the healers, cover an uncontested Pharamercy and stay alive with reduced healing. Which basically makes it a requirement to run dive comp. I can’t believe that we’re only 3 hero pools in, and bliz is forcing everyone back into the dive meta. Honestly, I want to know, what exactly they where expecting and trying to test with this hero pool?

What they should really do is unban dva + sombra and ban Pharah & Orisa. That’d make for a far more interesting mix up in the meta. I’d be curious to see what would become the norm with no mcree, solider, pharah, orisa, widow or bapt. The reason I suggest banning Orisa and unbanning sombra is to avoid the bunker comp.


all I know is im in hogs heaven, with the lack of Hitscan DPS available, ive seen a sharp drop in Aimbotters in the few games ive played

usually I get 1 if not 2 every match, played 4 matches, only met 1 on ashe


I was happy when I saw they banned 4 dps but that quickly changed when I saw what dps they actually where!

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je suis d’accord cette semaine vas être un enfer du doomfist à phara …
juste horrible

hummmm tu vois beaucoup d’aimbotteurs c’est peut être des bon joueurs

je suis d’accord c’est insupportable

I don’t speak French

nor does the majority of the world…

not to be that guy, but on a majority English speaking forum, you should try to communicate in the majority spoken language…


This week will be 4 DPS, next week will be 4 supports. I keep saying this, every decision they make is a soft ban on tanks and support mains.