Three leavers over five matches

It looks like its occurring as common as Overwatch 1 again, just had a run of five games where I had 3 leavers.


Servers having issues. Nothing you can do. just dont play if you care about rank.

Just had a Genji leave, mid blade after killing 3… he was so mad when he returned.

I had 30% of the time leavers. Some because of the servers, one tank literally ruined a winning game cuz one of the supports decided to play Mercy instead of Ana. So he/she said either Ana or I leave. Everyone though it is a joke but whoops, was not.

That’s just sad. Some people just aren’t capable of playing ana for variety of reasons.
For me, playing ana would be the same as throwing the game so that tank was definitely out of place. Good thing that can be reported for gameplay sabotage.

With players like that, you’re usually better off if they leave.