Thx everyone for being childish towards me


thx every one for being so childish towards me because now i cant do crap in game or in forums.


k (i hate the 20 character rule)


Ok, ty 4 the info


K. Bye. See ya later :wave:


There are a lot of crappy people out there, and they frequently ruin Overwatch games and lead to a decline in players - BUT - they are by no means the majority and posting like you have done here Kingslothsin just feeds their behaviour and makes them feel like they have succeeded in their petty goals…

and those of you posting the usual crap we have seen a million times before, well done, you have reduced yourself from a person to a meme.


You say that like it’s supposed to be a bad thing


I saw your posts about loot boxes being rigged.

Twas only a matter of time for kingslothsin to tilt over the edge it seems…


The only time a leaver is a good leaver.


Ok :slight_smile: :+1:


the Overwatch forums are filled with trolls so don’t take it too hard.
that is just how people reply these days. i know it’s annoying but that won’t change Blizzard allows it


Totally understandable.

Just mirror it (leaving, throwing, insta loc+k dps, be passive) and you will have more fun, same for penalties :wink:

cant write loc+k, what a crap forum, wtf means C + K, I cant write it.

Or we win hard together or we die hard! Either way I am ready! :stuck_out_tongue:

blizzard chec+k your wic+ked forum, I know my teammates suc+k in your duc+k hunt games :clown_face:

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