Tired of losing every game

Last season I won all 5 placements and place 2600-something. This season I lost all and placed just below plat. Now I am almost silver.

Why was I placed so high? It is so unfun to put in effort to improve and even learn more characters to be more useful and lose 66% percent of my games. I know I am improving and getting better understanding of the game but I am still losing because I was placed way too high.

The competitive ranking system isn’t very good, it’s best to just play for your own fun rather than a pointless shiny medal.

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Yeah I get it, I am doing that more and more, but my point was that whatever your attitude it is hard to enjoy when you lose so often.

I’ve never experienced this in other games with rating, in WoW I started at the start point and climbed a little before stabilizing. That was much more fun.

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Happens to most people. You’ll just drop down until you reach your real SR and then it will balance out and you can start improving. Basically, it’s an anti-smurf-algorithm. When people first do placements, put them 500 SR higher than they belong - if they’re smurfs, they got taken out of the pool where they destroy games, if they aren’t, they will suffer a bit until it’s fine again.
Whether that effect is intended or not is a different question, could just be the way it works itself out.

the sr and competitive in this game is not that much fun .all you get is a lousy golden gun which doesnot go with most of the skins . i have my grievances with paladins but one thing that they do right is offer you a golden skin when you hit lvl 50 in your character progress

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