Tracer - The highest skill ceiling hero is the worst


Junkrat has the highest skill ceiling :japanese_goblin:


I used to be a Widow main, but are now playing Tracer more often.
My Tracer hours are probably around twice my Widow hours at this point (if you count time in PUGs and such which doesn’t appear on your total play time).
I find Tracer to be overall much more challenging to play, but i see just as much potential if not more than Widow.
Both can create space, and have very good pick potential, although Widows is higher.
Tracer on the other hand has the ability to get around shields and are more capable of creating opportunities rather than just take advantage of them.

Because Tracer only has 150 hp and the spread forces her to fight close range, she will have to keep track of close to every single enemies position and cooldowns on top of her own, if she wishes to stay alive and deal any meaningful damage while she blinks around in a fight & looks for opportunities.

She also have to be able to do 180’s with great precision pretty much instantly. In fact you need to be able to turn to any angle with the same precision for every single blink.
She also have combos you need to be well practiced in, like melee blinks, blink bomb blink/recall and so on.
To hit one of these you need to know the exact blink distance and how much you need to turn, and it should happen so fast it appears almost instantaneous.

Widow on the other hand stands at long range where she can see most of the fight, and only really have to worry about the few heroes who can contest her. She has close to 0 combos that needs practicing, other than maybe Jump scoping which really isn’t that difficult to time right.
She is mostly about being able to find angles and click heads. Which is one of the big reasons she is seen as a high skill ceiling hero.

But to say that heroes like Widow has a higher skill ceiling is very arguable.
Tracer simply requires a different set of skills and i would argue is well deserving of being called among the highest skill ceiling heroes.

I will happily agree to not call her the single highest skill ceiling hero, but simply group her with the others.


I main Tracer and I think she’s fine. Yes she can be weak in certain situations but that’s the purpose of this game. Play different heroes for different situations until you win. That’s why although I have loads of hours on her, I still tend to flex play. That’s the purpose of this game. I do still think her bomb needs a buff though. Yes 400 is too much especially since it can just 1 shot Orisa but maybe bring it up to 350? Or revert it to 400 maybe 450 dmg but in exchange have a longer ult charge. (Because Bastion sentry is an actual thing that’s so annoying.) It’s an ultimate, it’s supposed to be game changing and not a small bite to the dick. I don’t think having the enemy survive her ULTIMATE with abilities like Transcendence is fair when you can literally kill an enemy in Trans by headshotting as Widow which BTW is not even and ult but a secondary fire ability.


At least a higher one than Widow. He has to know where he stands at least.^^


You aren’t supposed to be fighting tanks, and brig is meant to counter you and genji. So no, no armour piercing bullets.

pulsebomb got nerfed for a reason, again, you’re not meant to be fighting tanks.

Your job is to harrass the backline and healers/squishy targets.

you’re a flanker, learn to dodge and recall works just fine, just learn to time. If you can’t time it so you get the hp correctly that’s your problem.

you claim you’re top 500 yet don’t seem to know the basics of her kit?


Tracer and bad lmao, nice b8


Op is a T500 Tracer player, can we try to not to come with plat level lectures and argue that OP just needs to learn to play?

A T500 Tracer main probably knows how to play Tracer.
The thing is, every opponents at that level also have much more knowledge on how to play against her.
Any strat that may seem obvious to lower ranks won’t necessarily work the same at higher ranks, and believing it does only serves to hold you back.


It can still oneshot an otherwise troublesome enemy, like Brigitte or McCree. Or a healer that you can’t easily get to. Ofc it doesn’t if the rest of their team is awake, like save them with zarya bubble etc, but then it was 1v2 already.

Personally I think Tracer is fine… in her job. Any buffs would elevate her back to the god status she used to be in.

Headshotting tracer is easy? Body shot is oneshot only with damage boost…


Genji is deffinitely tier 1 difficutlty I agree with that but widow and mcree are much easier than tracer.
Widow and mcree are pretty straight forward. Sure they require a lot top aiming but so does tracer, the difference is that they require less positioning and game sense than genji and tracer and thats why they are easier.


Aiming requerament get lower the closer you are to your target.
Trace isnt even a cannon type hero like Mccree, Ashe and Widow.
Shes spray and pray. I don’t think Tracer is harder then the other hit scans. But shes just behind them. Tracer needs only tracking. Other once use Tracking, flicking etc.
But this is my opinion its not a proven fact.
As well as when you are facing vs Tracer, you need to predict her dashes.
Tracer just plays from what she sees.


Tracking requires you to constantly keep your crosshair on the target.
Unlike Zarya/Symmtra, a Tracer wants to headshot which means you want to aim for the neck, within a slightly bigger area than a normal head hitbox rather than anywhere on the body.

Flicking only requires you to have the crosshair on the target for the split second you shoot.

Many Widows, Mccrees and Ashes won’t rely too much on tracking because it’s often much harder to be precise enough for what is required.
Instead they may use soft tracking to keep the crosshair near the target so you in turn only need to make small flicks. This increases the consistency.
But generally you almost always see them do flick shots. Unless the target is standing still or move in a very predictable pattern.

Sure when you get closer to a target they become bigger, and spread weapons are able to hit more pellets. But at closer range any movement also has a much more drastic effect, which in turn can make it harder to hit.

Most of the time Tracer want to make sure She’s within her optimal range of about 4-8m or just outside the enemies optimal range. That means to always keep the enemies movement in mind so you can compensate to stay within this range.

For Widow the effective range is anything above the closest you feel comfortable at.
Personally I feel rather comfortable aiming at anything above ~8m on Widow.
Although i will ofc try to stay outside of the enemies effective range as much as possible.

May i ask how much experience you have on Tracer?


Op claims to be t500 yet speaks like they’re bronze? They whine about tanks and armour something that’s meant to not take much damage from tracer.

her ult that got nerfed because top tier tracers were farming and bombing tanks.

Recall not giving instant 150 because they somehow don’t know how to count to 3

apparently get stunned through blink and recall (which if true, is probably more skill on the enemies part for bait-and-timing)

almost every hero has a oneshot (tip no, they don’t)

outdamaged by mercy and lucio against armour. Already addressed this, and considering how their damage works vs tracers, a top 500 should know this.

so yeah, if they’re t500, they’re boosted hardcore.


Skynet. Please just stop.


Because? Nobody can legitimately be t500 and have this much misunderstanding


Maybe not, but plats can.


So you just take his bronze level perspective and apparent t500 rank at face value?

Re-read his post and read mine, because you have serious reading incomprehension if something doesn’t smell off to you after reading his post.

real t500 tracers don’t have nor complain about the issues this kids whining about


I don’t say OP knows 100% of every fact.

But i trust him to have more knowledge about Tracer than a low plat Zen main with a grand total of 28 minutes on Tracer.

I’m playing Tracer at ~4100MMR and have several houndred hours played on her. I can relate to most of the issues he complains about, although i may not agree with all of them being as big of a problem as he make it seem. Nor do i simply agree with every idea of how to “fix” her.

It’s like a student telling a professor that they don’t know what they are talking about. because they themselves have been misinformed elsewhere.


If traces was something like S76 where you have to play with the guns recoil then id say she was more skill’d but she doesn’t have that option. Shes just track and spray. Other dps not only can they use Tracking but they have Pre-fires and flicking.
Imho the highest still cap heroes are the once who are the best with aim bots.
That shows that if they are play’d perfectly they have no counter.
But good luck playing like an aim botter.
If tracer has an aimbot, Mccree, Widow and Ashe will still win vs her.
Only exeption is genji since his the only hero that has to play without seeing the screen animation and rely fully on knowing exactly how much you need to move the mouse for a 180 dashes and stuff. Aka ghost dashing.

Tracers skill cap ends when its time to use distance or reach enemies on high ground. She’s just capp’d out when it comes to that. Hence why i said, shes not that high skill’d. She has stuff capping her skill ceiling.


Skill ceiling is the amount of skill required to get the max output from a character.
It’s not what hero will win based on their design if both are played 100% perfectly.

There’s a difference between skill ceiling and theoretical max value.


Skill ceiling is the amount of skill a hero lets you apply to them.
Skill requirements is a different matter.
Tracer is skill demanding but her skill ceiling isn’t as much as on hit scans or genji. She might be more skill demanding then some of them but doesn’t have a higher skill ceiling.

Just did a little digging and yeah, Tracer is the most skill demanding hero.
Because it takes a lot of work to play her as her peak.
And why is that? Because shes cap’d as some aspects.
This stats are kinda old as well. (from 2016)

And this isn’t skill ceiling it’s still requirements.
An Ashe/Mccree and Widow with perfect aim will win vs a Tracer 100% of the time. Because they have a better skill ceiling.

On how this data was collected a dude run’d bots