Tracers ultimate vs Mccrees fan the hammer


When you notice that
Mccrees secondary fire does more damage then
Tracers ultimate ability,
Tracer (damage 305 Pulse bomb)
McCree (damage 330 FTH).


And Widowmaker does as much damage with her left-click as Doomfist does with his ultimate!!
Things must be nerfed!!?


Tracer pulse in combo with zarya kills your entire team, also if you have a zenyatta, mccree right click isn’t instant damage and to be honest genji and zarya right clicks are ofc more broken


Her ult is trash to balance her op kit out, simple as that


When judging abilities, you shouldn’t look at hard stats because those abilities always synergize with the whole kit.

Tracer’s ult is so meh, compared to other heroes, because she is a highly mobile glass cannon. Her ultimate is an opportunity ability to clear heroes out immediately to either open a gap for your team or take out the most viable opponents like tanks or supports.

Her ultimate is weak but perfect for Tracer’s playstyle.


turns out widowmakers ult does not kill anybody per se. And she has lots of counters


So what?Do you want tracers ult to 1 one shot kill almost everyone again or cripple them to the point of standing no chance of surviving?You know that unlike fan the hammer you cant escape it unless your reaper or moira


I was obviously just messing around.

My point was that you can make all kinds of silly comparisons to make heroes seem either under- or overpowered.
You have to look at the entire character not just one ability.


its a DPS ultimate ability It should cripple or kill,and its buggy as hell
it goes through the floor, it disappears in front of your eyes when you use it if you die right afterwards,
is Tracer’s ultimate a projectile or hitcan bomb,
junks bombs do not disappear if he dies right after they are used
oh and this happened to me yesterday it says it’s stuck but then it’s suddenly not stuck,
comp game BTW was stuck on a Mercy,
so fun


When you notice that FTH has spray and pulse bomb doesn’t.


The thing is, mccree has to stand nextbto the stunned target for way longer than tracers 3 blink, stick, recall has to stay in danger.

Mccree could be eaten, hooked, etc.
And you see him comming.

Tracer comes out of nowhere.

Imho its fine as it is.
A Support stick wins you the push.


Tracer can in theory do 1800 damage with Pulse Bomb, if she hits all six enemies.


Overall i’d think mccree has to show how he currently runs, I wouldn’t mind a bit more mccree in owl.
He’s also THE tracer duelist i think is a fair match-up since mccree is usually with his team.
(no rant to brig, i just always think I got outplayed, if mccree gets me as tracer)
Btw same goes to sleep dart. If ana let’s hanzo kill me instead of trying it by herself where I might get the recall out, then she literally outplayed me.


Still one of the more annoying ults in the game.You cant compare a ability that has random spread and a quick charging ult that can kill half of the roster and can kill more than one target if the team is very close together


Yes it is true,in theory i can win the lottery but unfortunately this will not happen


Thing about Tracer is that shes 10 times more mobile and can go close to the enemy and then escape with a one click button. If mccree goes in for a flash bang on 2+ players hes a dead man. Just like the other topic talking about “Tracer bomb = Widow headshot” Well you can dive a widowmaker, you cant dive a tracer…
She has her own things working for her like most of the heroes in this game.
Why isnt this topic called “Mccrees roll vs Tracers 3 dashes and recall” or something like that.


It isn’t unlikely for Tracer to hit 2 or 3 people though. It is for McCree’s fan the hammer.


no u do not need to stand next to the target for FTH to be effective,
i have more than once killed full 200hp targets in competitive games at a distance that can be considered a Tracer blink with FTH,
and no im not playing in plat if you wonder


If you have low ping this stops happening.
Tracer bomb can be trown or it can be casted mid dash for a close to 100% stuck if you know your dash range.
FTH is good and it needs to be better then stun headshot because once its not it won’t ever be used on top of that FTH has an RNG spread and a huge dmg drop off so at mid range its not reliable at all maybe vs a roadhod if you want some quick dmg on him even so M1 is better then FTH at mid range.


is Tracer’s bomb a projectile or hitcan? if Tracers ult is hitscan ok then I can accept that it disappears,
but Junkrat’s projectile bombs do not disappear if he dies after shooting, so why does the Tracer’s bomb disappear