Truth about the top ranked players and how they defend each other and stop players from getting into their community


So I have played Fps games for around 13 years playing CS source with my older brother but then slowly moving towards WOW and taking fps games casually I still played fps games but have never really enjoyed taking them so serious I like to just have fun on them when I got home from work etc I still achieved global elite in CSGO so i never stopped practicing.

Overwatch I have played since season 3 and have just about one tricked Widowmaker ever since I have around 2500-3000 hours on widowmaker around september last year I started playing the game a lot because of irl problems I never intended to be in Contenders nothing i just enjoyed playing widowmaker i streamed playing many times and usually played on smurfs with friends that all changed in s15 when I first tried for top 500 I played Everyday and even streamed playing these games with my girlfriend who plays mercy the community was toxic as I was not a known widowmaker at first people gave me compliments and then this is where it all started at around 4100 SR even sometimes lower SR there was people from discord groups accusing me of cheating every other game they would type in match chat Report Ryy he is cheating and also insulting my girlfriend calling her whore and many other things we reported but they never got ban for saying all this we even open a ticket and blizzard said reporting is fine to do even if its mass targetted by a group of players I recieved so many reports I actually got suspended from the game for 1 week because not only did they report me for cheating they reported me for been toxic which I never was gameplay sabotage etc I was silenced and realised I didnt want to continue playing in this rank if this is what it is like BUT I was never BAN for cheating because i never cheated.

So I started playing my smurfs again diamond-low gm just for fun untill this season when i decided i would give it one last go before i quit and find another game as i dont like the direction blizzard is going with the new heroes and what do you know i use the same name as i had before and these people still trying to accuse me i have had games where people aimbot vs me while calling ME a cheater just because they are known in the community they will say in match chat report RYY or talk in discord servers about mass reporting me all because I am not a known widowmaker and say things like i have been top 500 since s2 etc its like they think overwatch is the only game where you can aquire aiming skills …
imgur com/a/0bNFzRT

Had to remove the . before the com so dont forget to type it back in so basically what they are saying is if i had a name for myself i would be fine to play widowmaker in their rank but because i dont have a name and came from nowhere IM A CHEATER!!

So someone from this server made a fake name with taimou not sure if its the real one or not but the entire enemy team and my team believed what he said when they said that i am cheating and then he pulled this tracking me through walls and not even checking highground first.

youtube com/watch ?v=25okmOz2jQI&

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So if you want to be in this rank looks like you need to lick these peoples a** and get into the discord servers and then you are free to do w/e you like on smurfs be it aimbot throw games which they throw like 3-4 of my games just today btw and then they all defend each other after it.

Anyway nothing to gain from this just wanted everyone to know what they are like and how they are so scared and angry because they never made it to owl and are in contenders scared of someone taking their place.

Proof that they got me on their discord channel
https: //

The clip they are accusing me from
https: // streamable. com/expiy


At that stage, the game really becomes all about being up front. The fact that you actually have so many suspicious things about you, an account you didn´t wanna play on etc, and you also seemed to be private ? People don´t trust that. For the same reasons Punisher, who faked Ellie started a whole sh** storm, whether you are lying or being up front.

The fact, that your Mccree in 7 games played has 29% crit hit acc, previously 35%, that is more than your Widow btw, is insanely suspicious, especially with a close to 50% hit accuracy overall, meaning every 6th shot you take ever is a HS, which is a lot. The average top 1% is at around 15-17%, you almost double that, in a chunk of 7 games.


Yet i still stream me playing … its not about been upfront its about having a name and im sorry but its 1 hour played and my games have double tank in them or orisa/hog if you cant dink orisa everytime shield drops then i dont know what and my average mcree headshot accuracy is 18-19% over 4 accounts .

Twitch RyyOw

I also have clips from 1 year ago playing the exact same but this does not matter unless you have a name.

Also i do not have an account i dont want to play on … i had an account which can not get top 500 so i dont push it above 4.1k for the top 500 it is still in GM and i still play it and got accused on that account also all because its the same name Ryy.


You still dont get it all the stats you are talking about is not public, your accounts is friends only, no one is gonna trust you, when you play as irregularily as you do, on so many different accounts and they cannot check your account. Not that their behaviour is justified, but they are cautious for a good reason.


My accounts are all open …

https ://www.overbuff. com/players/pc/AmandaX3-2238

This account is open my new smurf streaming on atm is open what more do you want.


Well, when you posted on the forums it wasn´t to start. That is what i mean, you said it was open for “Friends only” as well.


My Profile has always been open as its in top 500 so dont lie please if you misread what i put and where did i put friends only?


hey ryy, do you mind hopping into a game with me? GunitExPo#21813
i’m interested in what you’re saying, i do feel like the overwatch community is monopolized, and a tad scripted at times. i just wanna hear your opinion


Is it a lie, i called you out 9 days ago, when it was indeed not public as i looked it up here on the forums. You also edited your posts, where am i to see, what you took out ?

Nevermind that the videos you show are of people looking at private profiles, this isn´t you ?

You accuse Taimou of wallhacking a legit OWL player with 0 proof and then you get mad at someone calling you out for being an aimbotter, when you are on levle 100 accounts ?

You see anything wrong in these absolutely lopsided arguments.


Wrong i accused someone with the name taimou for cheating if you look at the video and the chats of what was said people believed it was the real taimou also

https:// com/spreadsheets/d/1pzGiDUiwHr3s8W5gIBmeDm5c2cKQGz1D0g1G50u9slk/edit?usp=sharing

He is on the confirmed cheaters list now so he must have messed up and has video proof of him hard aimbotting.

2nd yes it is a lie as i made the exact same POST on US forums and in no point did i say it was private so yes and do not lie saying my account is not public
https:// www.overbuff. com/players/pc/Ryy-21877

It has been open for 22 days even so please do not start saying i edit stuff out of here just because you cant admit that you are talking trash did you even read half the stuff that was said or look at what the taimou video said?

https:// us.forums.blizzard. com/en/overwatch/t/truth-about-the-top-ranked-players/402360/7

Also that video of him looking at a private profile is NOT OF ME LOOK THE TWITCH CHAT like please if you have no idea what is going on just dont type or ask its not about the profile its about the twitch chat and him banning me from it they are talking about an OWPD server which is a discord server the private profile is some random that he avoided while he was streaming and playing i was not in his games i was in the twitch chat.

But dw i wont expect an apology from you because you seem to be like the rest of them that once they are wrong they keep digging bigger and bigger holes for themself your ego is too big to accept that you just misread what i wrote.

Also are you going to come at me with the excuse that my profile was private yet with your first post you was linking my stats???

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At that stage, the game really becomes all about being up front. The fact that you actually have so many suspicious things about you, an account you didn´t wanna play on etc, and you also seemed to be private ? People don´t trust that. For the same reasons Punisher, who faked Ellie started a whole sh** storm, whether you are lying or being up front.

The fact, that your Mccree in 7 games played has 29% crit hit acc, previously 35%, that is more than your Widow btw, is insanely suspicious, especially with a close to 50% hit accuracy overall, meaning every 6th shot you take ever is a HS, which is a lot. The average top 1% is at around 15-17%, you almost double that, in a chunk of 7 games.


But okay, keep ranting, like you can see, no one cares about this whole rant you made lol. Your post is a mess and so is your way of making your point, sure i might have thought you were private, cause i actually thought your posted videos was relevant. But who cares right ? For your information the relevant data i collected cannot be seen here on blizzard it is gathered on Overbuff and while i already explained this, i doubt you even care.

Also you are aware, that you can look peoples previous stats up on Overbuff, when they are private but not their current ones on blizzards own site if they do… There are many ways i could gather that data that still suffice the proposition i set and while i mistakenly thought that the videos showcased one of your private profiles too, it wasn´t a reach at all.

Either way this whole post is really a big joke, you whine and literally rant about a problem you quite evidently are just as big of a problem off, yet everyone should believe you with no name, when you don´t even believe anyone else. Are you right in your assumptions, maybe, but what makes them wrong for questioning a low level high ranked account that isn´t linked to a pro with a name. You think this is any different from CS or any other game like that ?

There is a reason i mentioned this and it wasn´t because i made it up myself.


The posted videos are relevant and this entire post is relevant when people are throwing my games because of what a discord server are saying about me with 0 proof.

Also the clip with the fake taimou is obvious wallhacks i did not just accuse someone there was many shots that could have been passed off as legit if you have an explanation for why this guy tracked me through the wall and then shows up on an actual cheaters list 2 weeks later please explain it to me.

Yet i am not on this list and i get abuse thrown my way and people throwing my games just because you dont care does not mean no1 cares this game has enough problems without all this.

Also ofc you can look up previous Overbuff stats and it shows when it is changed but if overbuff has been up for 22 days and the stats didnt change and its still open then i was not on private was i…

also maybe you misread that i play with friends on smurfs and took it for my profile is friends only the only joke here is players like you defending players that legit aimbot which is the point of the post im getting told im an aimbotter from people and they are legit using aimbots VS me so what is this community then if they do what they acccuse me off you respect this?

I do not accuse people of aimbotting unless i am 100% sure and i save proof me killing people 2-3 times in a match and them saying im aimbotting and everyone witch hunting me is not proof and its not what i do if this fake taimou would not have legit tracked me through a wall and made it obv then i would have never uploaded a video what he did is proof without doubt for anyone who has played fps games even if he had callouts from the sigma its impossible for him to look exactly there.

https:// com/watch?v=25okmOz2jQI

If you can explain that shot then please do so u would love for you to prove me wrong there was a similar incident earlier on in the game but it could have been passed off as he saw my outline but there is 0 outlines here and 0 checking possible widow spots.

Also yes it looks like no1 cares because this forums and the game is dropping on twitch and no1 speaks on the forums no more because blizzard do not fix anything what i have put on this forum is against blizzards rules and they should have been ban for saying abusive chat and mass fake reporting me and my GF which i got suspended for 2 weeks for in what way should i be punished for other players breaking the rules.

These exact same players btw players like this fake taimou are in the lower ranks with their aimbot boosting people to higher rank ruining the game more making money to pay for it and blizzard just allow it they are respected players on their main in these servers and then they log a smurf and do all this stuff without a care in the world usually grouping up with other people doing the exact same thing this fake taimou might be a 4200 moira main who just wants to ruin the game for legit players just because he cant admit someone is better than him and that is a problem.

On csgo it is a lot different you can play on 3rd party match making there is none of that on overwatch you can also mass review and share games played with people a lot easier.


Not gonna elaborate further on the rest of your post i quite clearly already raised all the relevant informations, though you seem to be completely unaware of what a forum is and it has rules garnering “Naming” people. Because people like yourself have experienced, getting wrongly accused so all forms of this aren´t allowed, also you could contact Blizzard directly about it, yet you choose to stir problems in a forum instead, claiming you want justice.

Wrong place for joint reasons i am afraid.