Two chill ladies stuck in bronze hell looking for ppl to team up


We, two 30+ ladies who enjoy some fun OW in the evening, are tired of toxic and useless teammates that don’t play together.
As it is now, our ranking is going down down down playing with randoms.
We are still learning the game, watching tutorials, trying out tactics and having tons of fun, but it would just be so much nicer to play comp with like minded ppl.
So if you are

  • 18+
  • chill
  • between level 0-300
  • still exploring the game and enjoying learning together
  • like to use discord
  • enjoy teamplay and don’t rage at losses
  • don’t expect miracles overnight/in this season but want to practice together to kill it next season
  • have time in the evenings EU time
    then send me a message :slight_smile: Let’s escape bronze-hell!


Hey! I’m looking for someone to play with as well - I usually avoid playing competitive by myself because there’s a lot of toxicity. I’m female, aged 26, level 94, and usually play for a couple of hours in the evenings EU time (apart from when I have to socialise lol). I’ve only been playing since November so still learning. Add me on Overwatch as Knockers#21193 if you fancy playing :slight_smile:


Male 36 looking for a group to play OW with. I’ve been playing since December, level 49 and usually play a couple of hours in the evenings on Freeplay and Arcade. I have tried Competitive, but its all a bit too serious sometimes…

Add me if interested Punslinger82#2361


Hey, Im looking for chill ppl aswell to play with. Im in silver atm but going up and down all the time. I usually play support but can flex into other roles aswell. Let climb togheter!


Hello ! I’m part of small discord server where we often play together ranked, qp or arcade in a chill, non toxic, atmosphere. We have people of every level. If you wanna give it a try add you can join our discord server :

h ttps://

See you soon maybe ! :slight_smile:


I’m new player much prefer playing games on groups. also still learning. I have just transitioned from console to pc so learning that too but would enjoy a chill group to play with. feel free to add me. I’m eu and can be free most evenings.


hey guys and gals, if you’re looking for somewhere chill to play that is for over 18’s only then feel free to come join us at Serenity Gaming Discord Community.

Here’s the link

We pride ourselves on player activity and frankly we would love some more 30+ members about the place. Makes us feel old with all these youngsters about haha


So, us two ‘chill’ ladies have grown (im the other one by the way). We now have a small fun group and enjoying regular games, both competative and arcade. So why not drop Kami or I a message and hook up with us for some Bronze Hellish Fun!


I’m a Bronze Rank player who is looking for a players/team to play with. I usually like to play DPS but end up playing Tanks & Healer.
So, feel free to add me
Red Apple#21502


i’m one half of a duo group who are looking for people to join up with, we’re also 50% female too so that should keep the gender balanced!
we’re nice and friendly and have plenty of experience to share.
we play most evenings at around 19:00 UK time and hovering around silver / gold at the moment.

add me: McLovin#2610


add me if you need a hand will happily help you out of bronze!!! Or send me your battle tag


I tried adding you in Battlenet, not sure if it went through. Otherwise just add me Kamikazehase#2625