Ty blizzard agien i have stop playing ow becuse report agenst me becuse bastion


agien i am get nummber worning massage about player abusing system report agenst me simply becuse they dont like my selected heroe . god i am so frustatied in this communinty and that stupid report system just remove it it worthless.

why even put a class in game that you cant play becuse it that hated. wake up blizzard do something about it like remove report system so player just need respect other player selected heroes .

keep in mind most of this games was won becuse i played heroes i selected but that dont mean anything whenne player just keep report me with out reasons.

also unintalled game becuse i dont si point in playing whenne you keep suspeding player for no reason other then large amount of player report you . blizzard do you not tink maby just maby some wil report with out real having a reason for it ? it blow my mind how you tink that ok do no wander ure game dont have large player base anymore.


the way you’re spamming the forums and throwing tantrums honestly gives us clear reasons as to why people report you. Good riddance


Yeah… kaeften pretty much hits the nail on the head


so you attack all my post cakesup and then defending toxic player post none sense on my posts ? kaeften you need stop talking on forums if you just going talk none sense ? you come in here and talk with out reason for it. you dont have post here if you dont like the post. not all you are doing is spreading more hated posts and cakesup you hate massaged my other post . i dont want you post more on my post cakesup we got diffrent apinion on everything so if you dont mind stop hate post on my posts. i ask you nicely to stop

  1. pay 50 euro for game

  2. play game at your skill level and give your best

  3. OW is a toxic democracy meaning if other random poeple dont like the hero you like your account gets banned.

Sounds fair


I dont believe anyone is just getting banned for playing a hero and doing nothing else. Even though I would support that.

Also I dont think the ban system is harsh enough. I have done so much bs in this game. Picked torb on attack and bastion without shields ect.
Not once have I been suspended… or even warned for avoids or anything.
Given I always tried to win.

So I dont believe ppl saying I got banned for carrying on a uncommon hero.

Most importantly though. You have 5 teammates. Who da’f do you think you are if you genuinely think they have to do as you say and play around you while you play whatever you feel like lul?

I think if a player refuses to cooperate with the wishes of their 5 mates in multiple games. They should be banned from comp.

Btw if everyone just filled in this game for like 30% of their playtime instead of trying to stroke their egos, we would have amazing games.


So cause you spend 50€ of your parents money you think you can do whatever you like and dont have to cooperate with the 5 teammates you have been given in comp? Cause you think they didn’t also spend money?

I hate to break it to you buuut. Together they spend 5x more money than you.


It only matter HOW MUCH you play.

If you play 10 games per season as dps bastion main, you wont reach report limit.

If you play example a 1000 games with genji however, the bot system will ban you sooner or later.


Ill ignore your toxic insult but as far as ive read THE WHOLE terms and EULA paper,


YOU CAN DO WHATEVER you want to play the game AND DONT need to be a meta slave to OTHER RANDOMS.

Btw i play all dps and swap them to coutner enemy, its the feeding tanks and defense moiras who are untouchable deitis who never swap.
I give the tank a suggestion how to win and for reward i get reported cz im dps. Always dps fault.

Thats my problem


Thats odd because I have played a few hundred games on tracer widow or bastion only. Never got even warned by the system. Rarely my teammates were mad or blamed me or anything.

My buddy is like a genji doom onetrick and has the 1k games btw. He not banned btw.

Oh dam the all dps god has spoken guys! He even knows what to do even on Tank, despite having 1 min on tank ever!? He is the true messiah!!!
Better all do what he said because he can do anything if we believe in him. Aside from filling or cooperating with his team obviously. lul uwu 69 xd

I give you a suggestion how to win: Fill and work with your team only a little and your sr might see a magical wonder. Also you might not get excluded from those toxicc and evil teammates of you, trying to make your life hell. When all you want is for them to do as you say.


youre just wanting to have ego battle.

Im asking what in those action is worthy of accound susspension for playing a certain hero?

If im bad, ill play dps at bronze level.
If im good, ill be GM dps.

Nothing illegal, or is it?

And i got banned once while silenced for not cooperating.
And i get banned when i give constructive and correct ideas for teamcomp improvement.

I meant more all dps categories not all 15 heroes, but theres no point in arguing cz u seem to dislike my personality, while im askng for legal loopholes in this broken system.

I learn new hero torb, now good in meta, climb 500sr, tons of avoids.
My old main is widow, so I can instantly swap to coutner my counter, banned account.
Now loearnign projectile, my worst, i drop 500sr, buuum, avoid cz nobody wants to play monkey and combo with me.


youre talking like “filling” is a legal obligation to keep this game licensce.

Knowing good english also, if you say “me tarzan, you jane, you swap” thats nothing offensive or bad language.

Also typing these 3 words while regrouping gets you the “hes afk, stop typing” motion going.

That is the bs of the reprot system, not your anecdotal 1 friend who survived so the system must be doing ok right.


i am going say this 1 ones to you itami only 1 time call me kid or any1 a kid intantly make not care what you say and also here another point you can tink of 5 player come in to a game and you only solo player and then you pick a hero you want play and thing are going bad ok . now keep reading i change my class and it stil isnt going better becuse there pre made is better then my team but they stil blame me becuse i am solo player and they 5 players … now in that way how can i make them not report me becuse they already blaming me and also they have nummber to said report me and blizzard report system is based on nummbers in what way anything going change the fact that becuse i play 1 class they intantly started blame me and not going change mind they stil going blame me until game is over and probly ods of me get 5 reports is 100% . agien report system dont work also solo que dont work becuse pre made wil always unbalance the lobby and make some players have very awfull time and after game is over they might even going so far as to get suspended for no other reason then they solo qued . plz dont reply or put any more post in here i wont you to.

and whenne it come down to playing 1 class say bastion the way to win with it is have team that instand of instantly point out the bastion they adept to the bastion and player class around it . over and over i keep losing match becuse intantly they are like bastion on attack instantly they going do everything in there power just make you look bad instand of adepting to the bastion pick and i have won tons of games where bastion is doing greate becuse team adept to it . i am just sick and tired of player that in first 10 sec of game they instanly hate on player for there pick becuse the pick isnt the pick they wanted for that player mean they are trying so hard to control other players and if you dont they report you and well you know what heppen next .

agien and agien every1 has diffrence experience in lobby becuse how lobbys are set up and agien and agien matchmaking system makes mistakes .

it also dont help that in ranked you keep playing with same player over and over so if you meet some1 that is already instantly hate on you they wil do everything in there power to make ure next game awfull in every way posible awfull mean if blizzard some how change the matchmaking so same player dont si other player all time the experience for solo player instantly becomes more enjoy and would hurt if they split up the pre made from the solo que becuse the more player hate on 1 single player the more frustrated that player wil be and less intrested that play wil be to win or even focus on the game in first place.

with this post i am not trying so start any drama all i am doing is post my experience on forums so that blizzard understand what i fill whenne i play the game or did play the game i already deleted the game becuse simple i just get frustated and i dont have energy to play a game where some older or younger player is tell me how i should play with out know where my strong and weak skill are .


So let me get this straight…

First you make multiple posts complaining about the same problem.
Then you reply in broken paragraphs with poor and unintelligible language (my apologies if English is not your first language, English is hard to learn.).

I am genuinely surprised that you fail to see the simple solution to this ridiculous problem :

Either get really good at that omnic you love, or learn another hero. Nobody in their right mind reports someone just for picking a hero. They report you for being bad and wasting their time and effort. If you want to argue that the report system is broken because it’s fully automated, I can 100% agree with that.


do you know what blow my mind CAKEsup ? i ask you stop post on my post and stil ure doing it i ask you nicely and then you attack my dyeslexia just make even worse like i said you are look diffrently then me on this and not going change and you my need to learn that i dont like you and i dont want ure post start drama so sense this is my post i started you can respect that and leave and not post here anymore or keep toxic stuff continuely moving on and i cant block you il simply need ignore ure post from now on . well they cant say i didnt ask nicely .


I had no intentions to attack you. I wish you god-speed in dealing with any problems you handle.

However, the fact that you think you can just prevent me from giving you suggestions and stating an opinion just because it differs from yours is LUDICROUS.

You have to be open to other opinions in life. You don’t have to agree with them, but you can’t just shut them down because you don’t like them. If you don’t want to be banned for only playing bastion, then get good at bastion, and people won’t report you. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to learn another hero. It can be pretty fun to try new things.


ignored CAKEsup Ignored.


Well that seems rather rude considering I put time into reading your posts :frowning:


I’ve been in plenty of matches where Bastion was involved and never once seen anyone asking that player to switch, heck I’ve even played him from time to time, but Overwatch is about adapting the map and environment and sometimes he doesn’t quite fit and you need to switch up.

OW is a team game and sometimes you may end up playing a character you don’t quite like but you do so because you want to help you team win, heck I play a tank more then DPS/Support because sometimes you need to switch it up, even if sometimes you get tired of playing that same role.

I doubt that anyone is reporting you for one-tricking, more your attitude when playing with others.


good for you … becuse that never happens to me . if pick bastion i know for fact in 5 games i am supended so enjoy it … becuse i cant .