Unfair and statistically unjustified scoring models


Currently for good single player is impossible to get out of your slot machine. We are all shooter players, we are not random sample of population. My score should be based on my performance comparing to others in previous season not to fit your bad statistical model curves.

Almost any hero on large sample scale has 50% wins, 50% losses and it is just because how you mix random teammates and opponents, my skills are almost same each game.

I find truly frustrating and kind of braking the rule about ‘loss of energy’ that for win you get 20 points, for loss sometimes -50.

Even if you have 4 golds in losers team, you will get de-ranked same way as troll you played with, or leaver. On the other hand if someone carries whole team, they all get promoted without truly contributing to the win. Now why you don’t pick my performance, compare it to rank of players with the same performance under similar circumstances and move me closer to that rank no matter if I’m in losers team or winner team?

Now in terms of comparing this performance you would also need to take into account synchronized and not synchronized teams. Sometimes you basically can’t do your best or even perform at all, due to other members screwing the game hard times.

If there is a leaver, which doesn’t come back, I should not lose rank.

All these things drastically demotivates players to climb up the ranks. Add some stubborn or despotic teammates, which will report you when you don’t pick what they command you to pick and Competitive on lower ranks is just frustrating joke.