Unfair Rankings

I would like to address an issue that we ALL CLEARLY see, why does overwatch 2 have such a bad ranking system? I don’t understand why I win 5 games and lose 8 and still rank up but when I win 5 games and lose 6 I rank down two divisions. Is it that hard to fix something so big of an issue, your very clearly actively working on updates like the battlepass and new skins and heroes and all that but can’t fix something that has been a problem since the start of Overwatch 2. Don’t make me also talk about the fact that there are constant cheating players within competitive using XIMS and you STILL haven’t done anything! Other games can do it but somehow no, Overwatch can’t. You have made it SO clear this is a cash-grab game rather than the fun multiplayer it used to be, you have absolutely ruined this game, I would take the old ranking system in a heartbeat, at least it ranked fairly. Fix your game and actually speak to your community like Dead By Daylight, need to learn how to fix a game? Need me to hook you up to a contact? Literally fix your game ain’t that hard.

You’re welcome, have fun losing players ig.