Unfair reports - Racism - Discrimination


Recently I received a warning from Blizzard about getting many reports, and if I get more reports I’ll lose communicating privilege.

I’ve been discriminated for my race, they figure I’m Mexican from my accent (which I’m not) and keep throwing racist slurs at me. Sometimes it starts from something silly like me trying to give my teammates some suggestions. Racism dont go well with me and Im not the kind of person that will sit back and get abused, or mute them without giving my 2 cents first. But I swear to God I never initiate any of those verbal exchange. For me its simple that if you get hurt from people offending you then dont offend them in the first place. Those who fail to understand that reach for the report button.

At 700 sr let’s be honest we’re all losers here. The majority in this sr are mostly kids and teenage boys who are emotionally unstable, snowflakes mama boys who never own up to anything yet blame others for there mistake, you have it.

Never have I thrown a game, refused switching, or sitting on the other side of the map afk, unlike my teammates every other game. I just came over from another competitive game where teamwork matters most, I know how to work in a team (my rank is in 95th percentile). I just cant believe the amount of crying babies in this game and dont trust the reports.


Welcome to the toxicwatch


It always starts with the other hitting back.


Dear mister Kris.
You’d probably be better off just brushing off those occasional obvious provocations.
Attacking them back won’t solve anything, and as soon as start calling people names, you’ll just get reported… And rightly so.
Allow me to clarify.
Getting toxic at them directly rewards them for what they started, thus fueling above mentioned behaviour.

Have a good day.


As sad as it is, I have to back this mister up.

I’ve been banned in another game (a certain moba) for 2 weeks for having 3 trolls playing together, killing themselves into the enemy half of the game and just griefing and trolling the entire match, which lasts for much longer than Overwatch games.

I’m mostly like you, and I got really angry (as you would imagine I would, since it was a RANKED match)… I poured my anger at them and got banned for it… didnt even call them anything REALLY abusive, just a lot of F words… still.

Got punished by chat restrict several times after replying to agressive chat by agressive chat…

It seems pretty logical that if someone hits you in the face, you shouldnt just stay there and hit them back, but (for better or for worse) its not how it works in competitive pvp games. As much as I’d like to verbally brawl with my teammates and enemies, all the communication is basically forced to be strictly about the match itself or positive joking and other stuff. No arguing, no fighting. Game devs want us to be friendly towards each other, and it took me several punishments to understand that…

So what is the best thing to do then, you ask?

I don’t know, honestly. That’s the saddest part.
First off, obviously report the mofo who’s being a toxic ****.
Second, I’d like to say mute him, but sometimes, just SOMETIMES you might get a useful piece of information about the match from him, but that depends on how he behaves. If all he does is throwing insults on people and scream, well that’s obvious… just mute.
And third… As hard as it is, just ignore him. Best thing you can do to cool him off is probably just saying “muted and reported”, and you might even not do that.

By the way, is it “toxic” to say that? I’ve said that before and I really hope that’s not punishable, im kinda lost at this point in terms of what I should and shouldnt say… I’ve seen a vid of a guy telling how he got punished by saying “gg” a tad too early…


Yeah when someone suddenly attacks you on street and beats you up you shouldn’t do anything and take the beating like a good boy. Take the beating and smile ok? Then you continue your life like nothing happened ok? Also don’t forget to say “have a nice day good sir.”


Mute and report and keep doing what you were doing before.


Okay, case closed, It doesn’t matter who initiated it.

If you participate in the dung throwing then you’ve got nothing to back yourself up with in the case were you do get banned.

Block/ignore—report—avoid(optional)----move on and play.

If you don’t do the above then you’re also in fault.


And here is your problem. Fighting fire with fire is not a solution. All you do is make things worse. Being a d1ck to a d1ck still makes you a d1ck and no motive justifies it.

Taking it easy is the most painful but best way to deal with such stuff. Just report, mute and move on.


We are taking about virtual harassments.
So yes if someone beats you virtual, you should ignore it.
The virtual police should take care of it.
If you hit back, your guilty as well since in the virtual world, theres no need for self defense since you are never in danger.

If you call me out, you’re muted and ignored and i play with my 4 nice mates.

If i have to mute all 5 then so be it.

If we lose bc they are muted then so it be.


You knowm getting harased doesn’t give you an excuse to break the rules nor does it make you immune to the bad reprot system they have.
If you are the bigger man, just mute and move on. Just be the mature one.


Im yet waiting for 1 player to be actioned that wished my mum something bad, they aren’t silencing players that deserve it, if never had warning either to but there a lot of complaining about report system abuse, and i do see it a lot and i do report abuse, still i will not trust a system that is not transparant.


Thing is, people need a lot (A LOT) of reports in a short amout of games to have a chance to be punished, thats why the system is bad. You can be super racist once every 10 games and be perfectly ok.


What absolute knob heads. I hope they get banned.


It’s a “strength in numbers” system, next time form a group and report everybody ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

At 700SR there are only throwers. Been there, done that … Going lower, you’ll even find people who have been top 500 in some of the previous seasons …

SR 700? Sorry, but I don’t believe you :stuck_out_tongue:


There are people who are at a 700sr rank when playing properly. It does not matter if you believe it or not it happens. Anyways, Bronze is an elo trap and everyone knows that. due to all the boosters, smurfs, throwers and idiots it can be almost impossible for the majority of bronze people to get out of it, even if they are worthy of higher SR.


just stop playing this toxic arcade game , its not really rewarding no skill based and the community is just pathatic . look for other games there are many fun games with nice people out there activision just dont make those


You call others “emotionally unstable” but you prove that to be true about yourself. Ironically.

Have you ever thought about manning up, start being proud of your heritage and stop being a cuck?