Uninstalling overwatch

I’m done with this rubbish, Every game has a pharah and it’s ridiculous. If I’m a tank there’s basically nothing I can do to kill her and she runs riot over my team if i’m a dps I’m forced into the same hero to try and kill her despite the rest of my team not helping and she’s always pocketed by mercy.

This is literally not fun.

She’s broken at gold to plat rank and it’s sh.it

Why is this here? Because I literally can’t post any where else, crappy forum.

Edit: not a new account, I have over a thousand hours in the game on this account.


Bye. See you back in a few weeks.

(Pharah isn’t broken, you’re just not good at playing the geometry)

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I was going make a geometry joke
Besides Hanzos gud at/@ that


Autismo1769 can you explain why you always use these odd sentences and abbreviations. All your topics or comments have stuff like: “too/2, OV2/Too/II, be/b, &/and, at/@” etc. Does it have something to do with your name or anything? Not trying to be rude here, just wondering why you do this.

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You’ll never get an answer/answer/answer

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Translation of OP’s post*

“I got banned for being toxic, so I made a new account to come here and tell everyone how bad and toxic the game is before I start playing again on a fresh account”