US based game sabotaging EU players?

I am trying to understand is American politics at play here on the EU server?

explain to me why do i have 4 russian players in a comp that doesn’t speak a damn word in english, well maybe few words such as “F*** you” “b****H”

What’s the point of having a good mic and and good internet connection and joining voice chat and unable to communicate? What’s your idea behind it? Why not give the russians their own server?

Are you like “Well screw the EU players and let’s punish the Russians by putting them altogether and watch them scewing each other and get a laugh from it”

It’s not my mistake that i am unable to speak russian and it’s not the russian’s mistake that they can’t communicate in English. It’s your mistake for doing this.

Because Russia is in Europe.

Russian is the most commonly spoken language in Europe.

I understand your frustrations. But it’s learning towards ill-informed xenophobia. So just be careful there.

I gathered as much! No matter how carefully you word it, there’s always a social justice warrior cry zenophobia or racism. Just fyi in WoW which is a branch of Blizzard has languaged based servers, they segregate people based on language and it has nothing to do with race or identity. Are you now claiming that’s xenephobia too? talking about being ill-informed.

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Xenophobia is nothing to do with race at all. Xenophobia is about nationality.

Thank you for the clarification. Happy Winterveil!


So you’re saying it’s the fault of Europe for having such diverse languages within its region?

Servers are categorized within regions, changing this would be inefficient.

Also, your argument is illogical…
You yourself can play on the US servers, it’s exactly what US players are doing to play on the EU servers.

The only thing you deserve credit for is living up to your name.

Regions aren’t a thing anymore btw. You just get whatever server is lowest ping for your lobby. So could be anywhere in the world.

But rest of that 100%. Complaining because you don’t understand a language is a bit weird. It isn’t the games fault.

We as lazy English speakers not learning other languages is the issue. Lol

Wait actually?
I’ve been out for some time, though i wouldn’t expect them to also mess up the region systems.

I mean with the EU and ME systems it’s understandable to merge but just doing it this way feels wrong… not only that I’m sure it’ll also bring many technical disadvantages.
Well, enough of that I guess, their decision.

Also, I’d understand it would be frustrating for them, though then again English isn’t really a mainly spoken language everywhere.
Especially in the EU, so I don’t see what OP is trying to get at.

Next to that, they could simply group up beforehand, a simplistic solution… though Blizzard should revamp it a bit.

We are talking about comp here, 3 games straight i had 3-4 players speaking in russian without any chance to understand each other. Are you saying i must go and learn russian to play comp? or the russians have to learn english now to play comp? It’s not benefiting both parties and is it How is it weird? Aren’t communication part of winning comp? oh wait, i guess communication isn’t. You win! Have a wonderful winterveil!

I understand. It can be frustrating.

I am going to boldly assume you are not GM/T500…

So in your games, comms are not the be all and end all. Individual performance is more important than being able to tell someone to target focus.

No one needs to learn any other languages. But there isn’t any value in getting annoyed when someone doesn’t speak your language. The amount of people who will understand you, is far smaller than those who won’t. No matter what your language is.

Sorry to bust your ego bubble but wow Russians have pvp queue with rest of wow europe server .talk about being ill informed yourself and calling out others .

Also europe has a lot of different languages .what are you gonna complain next ? Italians speaking Italians and French speaking French or Germans speaking German ? Use group finder before match .the option is right there in game .

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I’m not RU, but you could always learn a few words using translation tools, i dont know if these words are spelled correctly, but: Sleva = Left & Spavo = Right. try using callouts like that, and they will work with you in return. They get just as frustrated when everyone talks a language they can’t understand. Just an idéa.


Now that’s the type of advice I like.

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Russia is in Europe.
English isn’t a universal language.

There you go. It’s really that simple.

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No U.S involvement here. I am located in Europe, I play on European servers and I completely turn off voice and team chat.

Doesn’t impact my rating at all. I don’t think it’s really shocking why I turn every means of communication off.

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