Vote button to instantly draw


The enemy team just had a cheater on their team, this was known from the start so we tried to draw, long story short they betrayed us and i lost. Bliz can you maybe make a draw button to cancel a match if eneugh people vote that the match should be canceld, like 9 out of 12 or something.



why would they want to draw? they didn’t betray you they want to win because you know its called COMPETITIVE


because they had a cheater on their team
and at the start of the match we all said we would draw so the cheater would not win


Knowingly benefitting from a cheater on your team has nothing to do with it being “competitive”. In fact, it’s pretty much the opposite. What kind of right-wing anti-social self-centered mindset do you need to have to think that exploiting someone else’s crime for your benefit is just the natural thing to do? If a friend of you robbed a bank and gave you 1000€ - would you just take it? Because that would be pretty illegal, on top of you not reporting the crime if you know of it.


you cant compare the 2. You taking the money is illegal, but playing with a cheater isnt, if you did it unknowingly or had no say in deciding.

You would have done the same. any1 would. ITS FREE SR


9 out of 11 you mean(why would the so called cheater want to draw).

Fairness is a funny concept. What you call fair play(not losing SR on a match you know is forfeit) benefits you and the only reason you even give this suggestion is because the ENEMY team has a cheater. Its always easy to play the fairness card in this case.


yes, but the fairness effects you, it gives you a disadvantage


OP literally said that the other team knew he was a cheater. So yeah, they know they are exploiting someone cheating on their behalf. And not “any1” would do it - some of us have morals. And some of us aren’t as pathetic as to sacrifice our morale compass in order to slightly increase an insignificant number in a game when we are 100% aware of the fact that we don’t even deserve the SR gain.


we told them he was a cheater and they agreed to draw


ok, answer this. IF it is such an insignificant number why does OP make such a big deal about it? Cant he just win one game and get back the sr?


ok I understand, but all you can do is report to blizz send proof, but you cant blame his teammates


it happens often, also because those guys dont get insta banned after u report them they can be in ur games for a week more or something, and since avoiding them does not help it can cost you like 4 games, 4 losses is 4 matches to get back to where u were, so 8 matches in total wasted. or you can just make a draw button and go to the next fair match. and you can blame his teammates for not keeping their word, you just cant report them