WARNING! Two players you should avoid | Edited



I was playing with my friend yesterday. We had a great time.
The last game for the night, we got into a game with very toxic boys. At first, they didn’t say much, but one of them started to comment on my friend’s gameplay which was the main tank, and he did everything right by protecting the team with his shield (including me as the main support) and this guy started to get toxic. (He played Zarya, and I had no clue what he did, but he blamed the main tank over his own actions. Very adult-like am I right?)

Then I said “Please don’t be toxic” in voice chat, and I was very polite. His other friend started to attack me by saying “STFU you dumb hoe” very aggressively like I hurt his feelings. but what I really did was to try to calm the toxicity down and be kind.
I apologized and repeated myself "Just please, don’t be toxic. That’s the only thing I said". Then both of them screamed and yell at me sayingSTFU you stupid slut, STFU you stupid hoe, stfu you dumb bitch, you dumb hoe”. Like I had no right to say anything to defend my friend or keep it friendly in voice chat.

I deeply apologize for using such bad language in this forum, but I can’t just let this go and let them do whatever they want.
I also understand that most of the people are very toxic after years of playing since Beta, but I have never met anyone this toxic before. And therefore I just wanted to warn you all about these two legendary hardcore venom spitters.
I also did my part by reporting them both but then again, this is just a warning for you fellow overwatch players.

Now I am not saying that you should go out there and yell at them for what happened in case you get into a game with them, just be careful, ok?

I hope the day treats you all well, and happy comping!

I removed the names of the players, with respect to not spread toxicity.
Still, I know OW is trying to prevent players like that, but they get away so easily!
I am sorry to hear all level of toxicity you have encountered. Please use this lil thread to share your experience! I would love to read them all!


I mean good on you for reporting these people, but we can’t just punch a name in and avoid someone without being matched with them somehow.


players like that need to be removed from game so reporting them no matter how many times it takes will eventually led to them no longer able to play due to their own behavior. I have encountered similar issues with other players on comp having ago at me so i left comp for that reason.


I know! I just wrote this to warn everyone who gets matched up with these two. Just in case <3

I wish we could pre-avoid!



I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience with these two players, but I think it’s against rules to write other players names in the way you did.

Not sure about this but I think that’s first to avoid any negative reactions from other players that meet those two, there is a lot of players with same in-game name, so somebody could be toxic/aggressive towards wrong person.

That could continue the toxic environment that these two players started.

You can find on Overbuff a couple of players with same name as the 1st player’s name that you mentioned.

I assume that you did this post with best intentions and you did what you could in-game, report them and block them.

Hopefully you’ll get non-toxic games moving forward, good luck.


actual it is not just those two players who are like that, i keep encountering players that are more badly behavior yet they get away with it and it is like the company don’t care about there games.
some of these negative players have gone from console to pc which is annoying because they are afking, smurfing and trolling too much.


This was a wise choice. Keeping their names was an indirect call to action for people to be rude to them without any reason except a post.


well sad part is those toxic player probly repoted both you and now soon you get supended for them abusing report system .

game like that is 90% of game i am in so just avoid them all you can do real . if you start giving them post like this they just going keep doing it and blizzard just remove report system complitely and give us avoid system instand if you ask me .