WE need more sprays/profile pictures (ranked)


Alright , So hear me out.

Currently i believe the competitive rewards are not really that important. Gold guns? Sure , you can probably get one before lvl 50 (i got mine at around lvl40) you get enough gold guns for everyone you play by the time you hit lvl300~

The only spray / profile picture if for TOP500 which requires a mobile authentication along with 50+ games played in the season (if im correct)

Youre probably thinking “Yeah , but we dont need more rewards”
People dont do things for free. Would you work a 9-)5 Job for FREE?

Yes , i understand thats a bad comparison . but listen
Someone who has been grandmaster since like season10 lets say would want a reward for grandmaster . top500 is a HUGE jump from grandmaster.

There are many people in Gold old playing the game for their GOLD Guns and they have no other reason to rank up , who would care if they hit plat?
But if you added sprays there would be a reason to rank up
E.g A gold player would happily rank up just so he can show his friends his platinum profile picture and make sure they know now he’s in plat

i really dont see why this hasnt been added yet
if you scroll through the forums the ammount of people who quit due to “no Fun” is huge . adding sprays would open up milestones for others and more rewards

thanks for listening ,


The concept of video games escapes you doesn’t it.


Or he shows his beautiful platin rank icon?