Welcome to Overwatch Ranked (TOXICITY)




All words I hear as im trying to chill on OW not even trying hard. Looked up this players profile and it’s private, meanwhile i’m by no means great but im high silver SR almost gold ranked. the entire game they were running their mouth. Also this player was around 13 years old… SMH This is why this game is no longer even fun to play. OW needs to put some serious hammer down on these players its honestly just ruining the experience.


I rarely play comp, and even if I do, it’s with some friends so to me the game is still fun. If i’m playing with them, i’m having a good time, because this game is in fact a dumpster fire playing by yourself. I agree that There needs to be something done, but we all understand that there isn’t going to be any something so I just tend to ignore chat and just play the game and have a good time.


How do you know their age? Were they using voice chat? I never assume that the guy who flames everybody is young, older people can do the exact same thing no problem.


Just report, don’t cry and move on?


Mute em and move on. It’s not worth getting upset over


Just report them, they will get a warning


You know there is a mute option. Just mute them if you just want to “chill”


There’s toxic people in most online games just mute them