What can I say except you're welcome?


I think Road Hog should be able to use his hook to pull allies out of harms way or back from a dead fall.


Not a bad idea tbh, but it’ll have to share the same CD ofcourse. He could do with something to support the team and that sounds like a good move.


Yes, because such a thing will be totally practical to do. Remember, Boostio is a common thing on an ability without a projectile. The absolute last thing I want is someone leaping in front of me when I am pulling off a tricky hook.


They might as well give that abilitie to something new.
This actually sounds like a fair utility skill something this game is missing.


A fun idea who could had a supportive tool to Road. But the trolling potential is way too high and i already imagine the Roadhog trolls pulling you into the void or the Illios’s pit


Now that I think about it this will be much worse than the Mei wall.


While I too have thought of this, from my time with a different hooking character, it’s more so, how would it work? Given Hook is a skill shot you might not get the target you wanted if your stupid teammate Genji jumps infront of you at the last second. Alternatively, you may accidently stop someone from doing a big play like a reaper who’s about to do the best DB on the perfect Grav, but then you pull him away on accident. Or on purpose if you wanted to be a [censor] about it.

Perhaps the Interact Button could change hook types, an Allied one, or an enemy one. Then it’d work.


I actually had an idea for a goo based tank hero named 7718 (a botched clone of a boy named William made by grieving parents) who would have the ability to grab allies, carry them up walls and across ceilings, and throw them. He would also act as armor for whoever he’s carrying. But I don’t see Blizz putting POCs (do not steal :sunglasses: ) in the game. Still, the ability to pull team mates out of danger sounds like a game changer, especially in the hands of skilled players.


I don’t even dare to think about how much people would use such an ability to troll their team.


You are aware that this game has a block button, right?


Remember when Symm’s teleporter worked differently? Remember being teleported down a cliff? Are you aware of trolling Meis? There’s a reason why there are hardly any abilities in the game that let you have an effect on your team mates that isn’t 100% positive (like healing), and the reason is that it can quickly tilt a team. Even with most Meis and Symms not trolling, there are still some walls/teleporters, that might have been badly placed (a few pixels can make the difference between a great wall and a bad wall), or maybe it was a perfect wall but someone who has a different perspective (talking about the literal perspective here) might still not agree and get angry.


Hahaha let him hookup Ana to the highground to or anyone else :rofl: