What happened to the community?


It might be just me, but I’ve noticed that the community has deteriorated over time. The good and close matches are becoming more and more sparse, with players more and more toxic. Is it just me? Has anyone noticed this as well? It feels like match quality has been decaying, and the meta doesn’t help. I’m not complaining about anything, I love this game, but this is… Interesting to say the least.


Generally I think it depends on the time of day you play. I’m on the west coast, so I find that the game is better in the late afternoon 4-6pm and at night 9-12am. I think that’s cause kids are out of school and adults have free time.
Also the meta is stale right now. Halloween usually starts this week, but its been delayed because of the switch release. So I think next Tuesday is when everything will be updated. I’m personally waiting until then to play cause the meta is definitely going to change with the new tank changes.


Same. I am waiting 12 minutes to join one game just to meet 3 toxic apes spaming voice chat and insulting other people.


What are you talking about? We have endorsements now to reward good behavior! It will motivate everyone to be nice!


I think so too. People get so overly emotional when it comes to balancing too.


Sounds about the same as its always been to me…


Pretty much, queues are longer for dps but other than that it’s the same old same old.


It’s been going like this for a while, started with the first Mercy nerfs and OWL. Everything became more and more focused on e-sports and toxic levels of competition rather than the fun the game initially had. Sure having two hanzos could be a pain but who hasn’t been in a game where everyone has switched to Hanzo in lobby and all run around spamming crouch shouting ‘SAKE’ or chatted to the other team and had a massive 6v6 Mercy fight. Well noone since they focused the game on e-sports I guess.


I’m a support main and queues are longer for me too


Nailed it. While I do believe games are more lopsided because of the lack of flexibility I don’t have any hard proof. Stomps happen on the regular, teammates blame each other, its same old with the touch of longer queues and reduced number of heroes you could pick.