What is the WORST non-ulti Ability?


Personally I think Mcree’s roll is the worst, but what about you?


There are no bad ones, but if I had to choose like one with the least use, probs. Torbs destroy turret ability


well its only bad because you never get to use it because torb hardly ever gets to build his turret, and when he does it gets destroyed in an instant


Well yeah, but it completely resets the turret CD, where as if your turret is in a bad spot, you can just create a new one with out breaking it, which is a lot faster


nods I agree I mean its not even as if you can destroy it within 3 seconds of it attac+king someone, or while its attac+king someone to move it…


Symmetra’s old shield ability…


McRee’s roll is great if you know what it’s for. It’s not for getting places. It’s to insta-reload his gun so you can keep dealing damage and avoid active targeting.


yeah that and you can cancel his ult to get another insta reaload meaning you can fan the hammer 3 times in a row in very short order…not sure but i think that may be able to melt a shield faster the bastion…


About the same DPS, but consider that’s using a CD and an ulti, so it puts him in a position of weakness for the duration of the CD


But considering even contemplating using bastions sentry mode is most often an automatic respawn trigger… you’re better iff with mcree


I think it is Torbjorns hammer.


The first one, that had to be placed on team mates for a worthless 25 hp, yeah.
I quite liked the traveling circle shield.