What kind of game is this become u win al your games and stay at same place and then u see streamers go from plat to gm whit all there games losing its a bait

they dont do anything about it

? You win and gain SR, if you don’t gain enough SR you won’t climb.

Streamers have nothing to do with it, they play the same game as you.

I recently went from low silver to gold 3 in one set of placements. Haven’t played enough since to know if i’ll ever get higher than that.
I didn’t expect to ever get higher than silver so it’s a nice surprise, since i stayed at silver 4 during second season with a few sets of placements

Perhaps the streamer has higher mmr that gently boosts them up, and if you’re stuck it’s likely that your skill isn’t that much higher than the rank in general.


I took me 14 wins to get from plat 3 to master 5.

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I have the feeling your MMR is decided in your first 30 games… From then on, it is almost impossible to change it it seems.

Your MMR is constantly adjusting with every game.

Fun similar thing that happened to me, I just got dia 5 supp, and for the next rank adjustment I lost 1 game and won 5 games.
I got ranked down to plat 1.
There is absolutely nothing that could explain how this is supposed to be fair and/or fun.

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MMR. Your MMR has you lower than diamond 5 and it adjusted you accordingly.

I think the last 6 season of OW I have been at gold rank, plat, diamond, masters… And my skill level is somewhat been the same. It just shows how bad blizzard is at making the rank work (for support at least)


I still dont see how some magic hidden nontransparent number would rank me down, when I have a win/lose ratio (in those matches that at least seem to be relevant because they are the only thing visible to the player) of 5 to 1.
And if my MMR is so bad, that I get ranked down with this ratio, how did I get to dia in the first place? I shouldnt have been there then.

I get it, MMR is the thing, but its just downright frustrating that it is completely masked by another system which seems to be completely nonsensical and irrelevant. Just show me my bad or appropriate MMR then.

yes i get sr almost got 2 gold guns dind even move a single spot so

Gold guns have nothing to do with sr. You can have enough points for all golden guns and still be bronze 5. Sr comes from victories and match difficulty is decided by mmr.
Your mmr adjusts as you play, regardless of winning and losing.

I totally agree. I’m hard-stuck in silver, and don’t get much progress even if I totally dominate 5 games in a row.

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This is where you would benefit from seeing the SR value per match.
No doubt a dev didn’t like losing so he took it out.

Its more that they wanted to follow other games where a constant score isn’t shoved down your throat, drag people out of that single match mentality.

Hopefully in time people start to learn that progress is over season, not 1 match.

I get this constantly, been hard stuck in Silver throughout season 3. Positive win rates for every update and still I stay in the same rank or get ranked down even if I smash it 5 games in a row.

There is nothing fun or fair about it. I main support and I can have amazing stats in every game but somehow the game still thinks I deserve to be in silver, even when I do more damage and heals than anyone else in the game when I play Moira.

This ranking system is absolute trash and not very transparent considering this elusive, not well explained MMR seems to play such a massive role in it.