When will we get priority queue after a cancelled game?

This rant is NOT about long DPS queues. Many people want to play DPS, and few other roles, I get that and I accept that. Why can’t we just get in the top of the new queue after an instantly cancellled game? Or can’t we just get a READY button like in WoW and other games? It’s really frustrating and demotivating to wait 20-30+ minutes for one game, because somebody was AFK. I don’t think this would be so hard to implement, but I am open to any other suggestions.


Never, that would make the queue slower for everyone.

The matchmaker isn’t really a queue. People are put into groups based on their MMR, and it takes 12 people to start a game. If a person leaves in QP the matchmaker tries to find someone else to fill the gap. This can take several minutes at the most. In competitive the requirements are more strict, so even if everyone was just put into a group waiting on a new 12th player it would take a while. Finding someone with an MMR within a few points of everyone else is difficult, so instead of doing that the game splits you up again, and puts you all into new groups. This is the same as if you were queuing for the first time, and hence it takes exactly as long. The matchmaker can’t “prioritise” you, it’s not like it only creates one game at a time.

don’t think your idea will solve anything . People find a way to exploit it . I have already seen so much exploits In apex legends that nothing surprises me anymore