Who else agrees that random matchmaker will be much more fair than the current one?


I think its time we got rid of the current atrocity. Do NOT try to make a 50/50 game, simply put 12 people AT RANDOM inside a game and watch how everything will be much more balanced in a month.


Or just add solo queue.


So say goodbye to SR or comp for that matter. This kind of concept does not work, isn’t fun and benefits no one. Good players don’t want to play with bad players and vice versa.


It works. You grab players from the same SR pool and place them randomly. YOU DO NOT TRY TO BALANCE WEAK PLAYERS WITH GOOD PLAYERS.


Ain’t that a QP only problem? Ranked matchmaking other then looking to set you up vs a 6 stack’d goats team seems to be okish. Its just that the standard overwatch player is bad really really bad.


Its the same with ranked with the addition that it takes into account your QP performance.

Played a match in competitive with some guy 300 points above us and the other side literally got balanced in the same way, they were either 100 points above us for matching avarages or high difference with absolutely low point players but still with matching avarages.