Why are cosmetics not cross-platform?


I’ve played on PC for about 2 years and recently started playing on PS4 simply because I have some friends who play on that platform. I linked my blizz account, but all I received were some loot boxes for doing so. Why does it not just unlock the cosmetics I have on PC? What is even the point of linking my account if that’s not the case? Is there a reason for this?

I don’t expect to keep my comp rank or player level, but I don’t want to have to do an event like the current Ana one on two different platforms when the game clearly recognises that my accounts are linked. I know it’s a small thing and doesn’t affect gameplay, but it really puts me off playing on the PS4 when I’ve spent time (and sometimes money) earning cosmetics and I don’t have access to them to express myself in game.

I’m not trying to start fresh to smurf, I just want to play with my friends on another platform and it would be nice to have my cosmetics.


To gain access to event stuff like the owl twitch events. Thats the mostly true reason for this.

So you can earn those things with a console account too.

Cross platform stuff was never possible and will probably never be.


I want to have skin transfer too.

I have been playing in PS4 for over 2 years. I used to bought at least two lootboxes each event and collect all items.

Then I started to think of moving to PC. So I stopped spending anything on PS4.

Seeing my profile on battle.net shows what I have unlocked, I know Blizzard can allow transfer between console and PC. I don’t mind paying an amount for a one time transfer, even if that can only be done once for each account (this way, you don’t worry it would be abused).

Before that transfer happens, I won’t be spending anything.


Because then they don’t get profits from you having to rebuy. It won’t be happening, get over it