Why are grandmaster players worse than diamond

Im on a solid losing streak, with atleast 7 losses so far. Im being queued with people who are either 3500+ or complete garbage. Lord save my elo

cos grandmaster means nothing. anyone can beat them.

SR is not an accurate measure of your skill; since the game determines your SR based on team performance. Some of the people who earn a living playing the game don’t have a clue. Matches never get any better, no matter how high you climb.

Its honestly sad, how poor people can play in such a high rank. Its incredible that i thought anything would change, between the skill level of my teammates

Because all of the good grandmaster players have stopped playing their GM accounts and Smurf in diamond to have “more fun” stomping on lower level individuals…

but of course no one will accept that smurfing is a thing, despite the overwhelming evidence of derankers, etc

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Blizzard allows smurfs, which is stupid aswell

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100%. Which is why it is not competitve. It is just a glorified quick play and rank is irrelevant as you have no idea what peoples rank truly is anymore.

Tbh, even on my main acc, which is 4.2k, im getting boosted kids 24/7, soft throwing my games. its sad that its come to this point. Role Q def has ruined a part of overwatch aswell. Playing with someone whos offrole is terrible

I mean smurfing is a thing but then there would be no GM’s playing period but there are so it still applies but I like to take whatever I can and turn it into my rhetoric too