Why are low ranks ignored?


WIth a few words, low ranks are ignored because they are the example of how not to play the game.


Not true, and here’s an example … Do you remember when Roadhog was nerfed into the ground? You’d rarely see Roadhog in high ranks at the time, and they’d usually would switch eventually. But there was a huge action against Roadhog, and there was even a funny story “don’t go out of the spawn because you’ll be out of position and Roadhog will one-shot you”. That’s an example of nerfing hero because he was doing too good in low ranks, and QP.
And there are certainly more … they can do starting balance against pros, or high ranks, but they still need to make sure game is playable in low ranks(they look at their stats, see what’s going on in high ranks, see whats going on in low ranks, they probably do look stats from other mods as well, and make nerfs/buffs as they see fit). They can’t allow that one hero dominates in low-ranks(like you pick hero X in silver, and do alone multi kills(talking about pure silver players, not smurfs). If situation like that happens - they need to react and either nerf that hero or buff counter - or whatever…

Didn’t you say they don’t do balancing for low ranks? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

That doesn’t matter, because they match by rank. We can’t talk anymore about good players and bad players(globaly, obviously low ranks are bad), we can only talk about good players and bad players in one rank. They need to maintain all ranks. If there were no matching by ranks, then there would be no issues.


It is funny to read these threads, with the low rank bashers out in force.

Ignorance is not a blessing.

Honestly, there are those of us who are going to be low rank that never move up. Why? Not improving. No ranks available in higher levels (someone has to fall for someone else to rise, correct?). Some, like myself (one eye, going blind), are disabled and just doing the best they can at playing a game they enjoy. Some just hit the ceiling on their skill level and never break it.

Just started my first season in Overwatch. We shall see, I guess.


I have autism aswell yet i am in bronze

yet when enemy team has a bastion i switch to a Sombra or Ana or even a Mei(depends on what is needed and if enemy team has a shield)


Roadhog’s nerf had nothing to do with that. He’s been nerfed because Activison-Blizzard is terrified after the Sombra fiasco that a new hero will flop, and Roadhog would have been the absolute counter to Doomfist. Same why they buffed Graviton a short time before Doomfist’s release, they wanted a strong combo for his ultimate. These buffs and nerfs were not specifically intended to any rank.

Please try to understand. I am not saying Brigitte was made for the lower rank people, she was made to counter the then uncontested meta compositions, all sorts of dive. But she was the perfect example of a low skill high reward hero. Many of the fine folks of this forum had stories of how they finally escaped silver/gold and went up to platinum/diamond when Brigitte came out.
If you balanced for low rank people you’d get Brigittes. Heroes who are easy to use, and too effective, while you’d have no reason to play hard heroes.


That’s if they balance solely for low ranks.
But if we go with that premise, if they balance for high ranks only, we’ll have heroes that are very hard to use, and are not effective at all, so you would have no reason to play them … And if low ranks can’t use any hero effectively, they might even leave the game, and whole idea of matching by rank fails …
And that’s exactly situation dev team must avoid. So, they balance according to all ranks. They might create hero with high ranked players in mind, but further balancing is done for all ranks - where needed.
Also, we have PC and console. What’s easy on PC is not easy on console, so that’s another thing they must keep in mind - or they’ll be maintaining 2 separate games … which obviously would mean more money spent.

That’s basically June 2017 nerf, what about nerf before that?

The question is … why would they care about meta? They care that new hero is played - so they obviously need to nerf potential counters if needed - as you said, and they obviously need to find him or her or whatever a spot in current meta(which is … being good against meta heroes, and/or having good synergies with current meta heroes, right?) Or they could just go with making a hero that’s good against anyone, and that way make sure he/she gets played. A lot.
They prob have no idea how meta will actually turn out on hero release …

But that’s not the only reason. That’s stats climbing as well. New hero, not so many people being good with it(a lot actually being pretty bad with it). You can do that with any new hero or “troll” hero, if you get good enough with it and if you don’t get banned first, that is.
And also, if you want to counter speed, you need to go with easy to use abilities, prob of cc sort.


No. Well, kinda maybe. Look at Hammond. Fairly hard to use in an effective manner, which also says he isn’t effective. If they balance for high elos they will get high skill, high reward heroes. It’s all about how effective a hero is for the skill floor and ceiling it has.

That’s an interesting idea, but I am not sure about how valid it is. Think of Torbjörn, a hero who has been unchanged for the most part. They nerfed him on consoles of course, ebcause of his turret, waaaay back then. Why did they rework him into what he is? Well, it’s because of the OWL. They want to see every hero being played.

You have a point there, they nerfed Hog before that once or twice, I believe the Hook’s CD went up from 6 to 8, and the signal-check was done by Hog, not the Hook. Honestly, I can see this benefiting the high elos as much as the low elos so based only on this, I cannot argue they balance for high ranks.

That is exactly the only reason. Someone stuck in gold for several seasons doesn’t just stroll through platinum and reaches low diamond in one season. They themselves realized it is because of Brigitte.

And no, you cannot do it with any hero. Most hardstuck gold players won’t fly up to diamond with Ashe, or Hammond, because those heroes have harder requirements in order to be effective.


Nothing wrong here, unless you demand balance changes so you can play like a better player.

Theres no issue if someone is low ranked.
But as soon as they need something except theyr skill/knowledge to beat others, it becomes wrong.

Like if you can’t kill reaper bc you miss to many shots, doesn’t mean that the game needs a long range safe hitting hero.

If this is not true, we need heroes with autopilot so ppl without hands can play and improve as well.

That’s my only problem when we demand low ranked balance, we can’t take missed shots into balancing. Bc good players will hit and Pro’s will hit all shots in the head. (just from a aiming pov)

I just took your example, no bashing.
Hope you can enjoy the game.

I should be way higher than I am with my passion and pc equipment.
But It’s just enough for platin.
While it was low gold for many seasons, but I managed to get my sensitivity to the point where I have trust in my aim.

Give me zen and I will die so godly often, i better leave.
Give me tracer and I can out-move my stupid positioning and thanks to 200h+ aim improvements, i even get kills.


As with any product, you want to test it and cater it around the people that use it most and are best at using it. Same goes with engineering and manufacturing a car, you test it with good drivers who understand the mechanics and intricacies of an automobile.


Because lower ranked players are… well, bad.

Lack of knowledge about the game = not informed

Lack of hand eye coordination = can not use some heroes due to the hero relying on aim like Widow, McCree, Ashe, Soldier 76 etc

Slow reaction time = can not react as quickly compared to the average player and above

Lack of game sense = can’t tell wtf is going on nor does the person realize that they are the only person alive or doesn’t know when to push and so on.

If you allowed low ranks to balance the game then you would get a very boring and easy game (tbh this game is easy but solo carrying in this game is not as easy) or you would get a broken game where pros can abuse almost every character to their limits which results in even more salt and time to balance or fix.

Lower ranked players are at that rank for a reason and the only saving grace for any Goldilocks or Star-Platinum players to get out of those ranks is to be well informed about the game, have good mechanical skills and…


I’ve climbed out of platinum to diamond and if you had to ask me what are or were the biggest weaknesses or issues with platinum players at seasons 3, 4 and atm:

lack of communication,
lack of situational awareness,
incapable of being aggressive and defensive at the right times,
poor ultimate use and lack of execution (due to the lack of comms),
poor consistency with their performance,
very weak moral,
overestimating their abilities,
very stubborn,

can’t flex nor do they want to play anything but DPS even though they know they are better off playing a healer or a tank


narrow minded (I want to win the game but…)


I’ll just remind you genius of a simple thing.

Lower ranked players will ALWAYS exist, no matter how good players become. The existence of high ranks implies the existence of low ranks.

Balancing the game around the 1% will ALWAYS end up killing a game. Why? Because the 99% won’t like it, and guess who keeps a game alive?

Why is overwatch a walking zombie of a game at this point?
Because of Blizzard’s insistence of balancing for both when they very well know that such a thing is completely impossible.

The sooner they realize this, the more chances this game has to survive.


This is not true. This game was fine/GOTY when it was balanced for the 1%, it got killed when they started to add heroes with little to no skill needed to be a valueble teammember like Moira and Brigitte.


Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better.


Its true thou, been with this game from season 1 and i’ve seen it when it was alive.
If you want ot win, just get gud its that simple no need to have auto-piloted heroes that = out everyone’s skill level and have the game be a coin flip/RNG. That’s what killed this game.
Since tbh tell me whats the point in investing time into something if your going to be capped by a skill ceiling? There is no point, since at that point you’ll be a living bot.


I was too, and if you were attentive, you’ll realize that Overwatch was riding the hype of hero based shooters.

Also, try to read what I actually said. I stated none of the nonsense you just spouted.


You want the game to be balanced around lower ranks, when that happens it means that low skill ceiling heroes will be strong, and when that happens this low skill ceiling heroes just plage high rank/Esport on top of that it lets casual/low skilled player get high rank just by pure consistancy, floding GM so much that they had to add the “privet profile” option just so that people dont pick on players who abused the low skill cap.

Low rank isn’t bad, since everything is op in low rank. Not really sure why people think they are getting ignored… Like give me an example to work of. What is ignored in the low rank? Or is this because the reaper/armor change? And can you help people who they themselfs dont want to do better?


You’re saying that, not me.

What Blizzard needs to do is decided onto whom balance the game.

They seem to have been focusing on higher tiers and the game has bled players ever since.
Maybe it is time to change tactics.


To be honnest, there was a topic like this called “This game tries to satisfy everyone but ends up pleasing no one” At least at the moment they are focus on something and personally i think they are doing a good job in the PRT.

If high ranked is good, that makes it worth the time investment, there is no point in making low ranks good since high rank will get bad.

This game started to care about high rank like 2 weeks agol as well, coming with the armor rebalance and it has yet to hit live. Everything untill this point was for low rank.


I refer you to my first comment.


Its clear that they moved on to balancing for higher rank atm, so how is that bad?
Reaper saw no play what so ever in high rank, pro players still think his weak even with 50% life seal. Meanwile Rine/D.va/Luco/Brig made up 90% of the high level teams. And whats what killed the game in the 1st place, easy to abuse meta picks.