Why are players not permabanned for intentionally throwing?

sure, because shielding yourself from team communications in a team game is plain and simple gameplay sabotage to me.

you cant force someone to talk. end of. if you want that level of communication to ave all sixx in voice chat than go find yourself 5 people to 6 stack with. you also don’t know the other person situation in their home. maybe they don’t want you guys to hear sh*t in the background. hell I sometimes don’t join vc cause I cant be bothered to deal with the community sometimes. still win those games as well. you cant force something like that onto someone

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yeah also can’t stop one reporting. end of.
If you can’t talk, you’re a liability.

Did you report yourself yet? Because playing symmetra in comp… you know… counterpicking and stuff…

of course you cant stop someone reporting, but if blizzard has to go through your false reports then its obvious why the people who actually should be banned aren’t

are you dumb? When symmetra doesn’t work, I counterpick.

Have only ever tried to throw 1 game. Someone took the hero i was playing and wouldnt give it back so i just kept throwing myself off the map until they gave my original hero back due to team pressure lol. We did win though hahaha

you just need to report them for abusive chat. If you get 5 reports within 10 games (1 report is the maximum strike you can get per game no matter how many people report the player) you´ll get an automised ban from the system even though the email will say that they reviewed the evidence bla bla bla. It´s pretty common knowledge by now

Sadly Blizzard cut a lot of staff last year (despite making record profits, Activision decided they weren’t enough and told them to cut costs).

This meant they moved more towards and automated and volume based reporting system.

Unless you report for cheating, everything else is just based purely on volume and timing of reports.

Hence you can get actioned for claiming Mercy is a garbage hero if enough people report. Despite that being in no way abusive or toxic at all.

Well actually leaving vc is considered “not communicating”. You can get banned labelled “abusive chat” even when you didn’t say a word except GG at the end. Thats how stupid the rules are.

You can also be banned for suggesting Mercy is a bad hero… But that is the joy of auto bans. You don’t actually have to do anything to get banned, if enough people decide they don’t like you.

There are very few moderate people in this community. It seems to either be extremely toxic people who get away with it. Or soft people who just report anyone for breathing at the wrong time.

Reporting for people who aren’t in VC? What about deaf people or people who don’t have a mic. While VC does give people the edge, it isn’t essential, nor is it a requirement according to Blizzard, especially at lower elo.

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10000% agree with you. You shouldn’t HAVE to be in voice. But I know 3 people who were banned and when they finally got a reason they were told they’d been reported multiple times for gameplay sabotage because they didn’t join voice.

I totally agree, voice helps (sometimes a hell of a lot). But you shouldn’t force people to feel like they have to for exactly the reasons you state. Also if you have been on the receiving end of abuse multiple times, I can see why voice becomes a much less attractive option.

  1. DON’T BE A KNOB IN VOICE - make it a welcoming place for everyone.

Pretty basic set of rules I think anyone with a single brain cell can follow.

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bad luck, they shouldn’t be playing a teamgame then.

And this is where I think you shouldn’t be playing the game at all, if you are going to judge someone based on a physical disability. It is that kind of attitude that needs to be forced out of the community.

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There are in game subtitles, call outs and accessibility options for a reason. Attitudes like this are why the community is viewed as toxic.

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That is incorrect. You do get a notification. Its actually borderline a ‘thank you’ message from Blizzard saying actions have been taken against a specific person.

Don’t get me wrong. They don’t go into details, and don’t tell you who (if you have reported multiple people).

Thought I would share this with you. I have gotten these notices multiple times - even while I am live streaming.

– M

You must be fun at parties.


Go find a six stack that wants to play with you before you start discriminating disabled people. And honestly you shouldn’t be playing fps games. You are mid silver with dps which means you can’t aim and you know you are kinda throwing games with your bad aim.

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Woah. No need to go at him for his skill!

He has already shown with his attitude he needs to stop playing the game! lol.

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