Why cheating is such a problem in overwatch

Community called overwatch Police Department (OWPD) has been actively hunting and name shaming cheaters for the past year, today they released a document containing very interesting information why “warden” is an old fashioned anti-cheat and why there is so many people cheating and getting away with it thought ill share this here for people who may be interested in this


  • https:// docs.google .com/document/d/1PO2_uE-UyqBsOqNUzkKwVMeT2-75c7dvOrd5R63WFzM/edit

  • https:// twitter .com/OverwatchPD/status/1222546485671276546

Rarely see cheaters, or they só bad not even cheats help

there is a lot of them mostly in 3,5k+ even pro players complain about it like kephrii
some contenders players
just go on twitter pretty much

Only one of those is eu tho. Also 3.5k is what? 5% of the player base? And are there actually that many? What do u consider many?