Why doomfist? Just why

Im sorry but using doomfist doesnt take a good chair or level. I think he should get at least a slight downgrade. Its all good patching other characters because of bugs but downgrading characters i feel, is just as important. Doomfist’s abilities are mostly for spamming and the awful grunts he makes when he uses them is particularly annoying. Not trying to be a karen and some doomfists are really good and have skill, but its such a spam character that i see in most comp games. Just saying. As a D. Va main i just find that doomfists are always going for tanks using spamming abilities and not doomfists actual ‘gun’.


They are moving him to be a tank.

(this is your second Karen post.)

Im just saying my opinion. Sorry.

It’s alright. You are playing one of the better tanks to ruin dooms fun anyway. Just chase him about when he uses cooldowns.