Why I don't think you should implement forced 2-2-2


Hi guys, this is the feedback from a casual player about the forced 2-2-2 rumored to be implemented to the game in the future.

I don’t know if the rumor is true but I wan’t to share why I don’t like this idea anyway.
I assume that such a change to the game would come for two main reasons:

  • allow for more balanced composition and more competitive games in ranked at all level
  • kill the “GOAT” meta that is arguably plaging the higger ranks and the OWL

While I would indeed like for a more balanced and competitive ranked experience, I don’t want to be forced in an arguably quite liberably defined role and have to specify it before even queueing. Indeed, I like to select the character I’m going to play accross every “role” after knowing on which map I’m going to play and with what kind of player. For this reason I usualy wait for the other players on my team to pick a character before doing so myself. For this very reason, I’m able to play every role according to what my team needs and switch between them if I think it’s the smartest thing to do and I really enjoy this liberty.
I believe that a forced 2-2-2 hasn’t been implemented until now because the Overwatch Development Team values the ability to switch between every hero to better counter the ennemy composition and be creative. I think that forced 2-2-2 will lessen significanty player creativity and I’m strongly against it.
I do agree that something has to be done in order to make ranked more balanced and more cometitive though. For this reason, I think that allowing players to specify what their “main” heroes are before queueing and build a team that makes sense according to every player abilities, but not restrict the players in a set role or what they say their “main” heroes are to preserve their in-game creativity would make much more sense and be much more beneficial.

When it comes to the “GOAT” meta plaging higher ranks and the OWL, I do agree that this needs to be adessed as it makes for an arguably boring, limiting and frustrating playing and viewing experience, but I don’t think that preventing players to even play this composition altogether is the way to go. In my opinion, the only reason that this meta even exists is the hero Brigite. I’m not suggesting that you “delete brig” as many players have suggested, but it is a character that can be way to powerfull considering how easy it is to play and very frustrating to play against. For this very reason, I believe that a rework of this character (and possibly a nerf) are needed. If done correctly, I think that it would not only kill the “GOAT” meta without making implementing forced 2-2-2 a necessity, but make the game much less frustrating to play when someone is playing Brigite on the ennemy team.

I hope this makes sense and that you will understand why I think that way.

Camille Hoareau

P.S.: English is not my native language so don’t be to hard on me :blush:


Its sad but thanks the the way this game is balanced the 2/2/2 system is the only way it will be fixed.
If blizzard wants to make tank and support (utility) so damn OP they have to add a limit on how much of it can be on one team, doing a joke nerf on them doesn’t help as seen in the armor nerf and etc.

At best i think they can make two ranks one for 2/2/2 lock and one like the old one we have atm. But since this game is so death it will be hard to do so without making the game ques 30 min for high rank…


Well, it won’t stay for long. You see, everyone who has no game sense, bad positioning, bad awareness, bad CD management, etc wants to play DPS - that’s almost half the player base (this is why when people play QP, over 40% pick DPS). In other words, if the three roles would all queue seperately, tanks and supports would immediately get into games while the queue for DPS will only have one upper limit: the DPS players’ patience.

Now, the important thing about DPS players is that they whine and cry without limits or bounds, so once those queues will get started (if that indeed is going to happen), the forums will get flooded.


If the goat is so toxic , nerf the main dps of the goats (which is a tank ) and the goat will die because a new dps will have to be found …
Nerf zarya left click and goat is dead.
Problem with 2-2-2 is that some times 2-3-1 or 1-3-2 is useful …
You can prevent the game to start if

  • more than 3 picks are done in one categorie
  • more than 1 categorie with 3 picks
    so you can have those 3 something compos


Supports/tanks think 2-2-2 will save them. It wont. You could switch to DPS before to pick up the slack but with a forced 2-2-2 it becomes impossible. This is my main gripe. I don’t mind going support/tank with the option of picking up more damage when my team is lacking. With this option going bye bye and everybody hard-stuck with whatever they queued with there wont be any point to play.

Its even worse for flex players who could have been way more successful by playing 1-2 characters and now their varied skills will go to waste.


In the past I may have agreed with you. However, I just spent 3 hours losing 500 SR in a 4 stack because every game we had 2 instalock dps who refused to switch no matter the cost to the team. Playing Reaper into Pharah and Tracer into Mcree and Brig. I had no choice in how the game would play out simply because its was 4v6 or 5v6 every single game. 2/2/2 has to happen or ranked will stay unplayable and unfun. If 2/2/2 is implemented, players in the group could queue for dps and we wouldnt have had such an issue. But stubborn toxic one tricks have effectively lost me 3 hours and 500 SR. Utter nonsense!


Amazing, I would love to see the incompetent dps one tricks cry about long queue times instead of feeding in my games.


So, suppose 2-2-2 does happen, you queue as a tank/support and your 2 forced lock DPS players cant deal with the Pharah. What do you do then? What can you do? Its not like the 2-2-2 will magically make your incompetent teammates better, it’ll only reduce your options when trying to mitigate a trash team.


Forcing 2-2-2 on us would be terrible.
Every game will be 4 GOATs forced to pull, drag and carry 2 donkeys up a hill.


Goats requires 3 healers and 3 tanks, so it wouldn’t be goats with 2 and 2.


with a fixed 2-2-2 this game can go diaf. I wanna flex whenever I think that my team isn’t doing its job. If I can’t do that anymore, I’ll quit.


absolutely zarya and d.va deals really high dps which shouldnt really happen but i think blizzard dont want to nerf them cause too many people will complain about it


The problem with nerfing heroes is that when they get weaker, they will be weak in any new comp you’ll try them in.

the problem exists in the other way as well. buff heroes to counter GOATS means those heroes will be stronger in other comps as well and this keeps creating imbalance in the game.

we all have opinions on the balance of the game but nerfing and buffing to counter GOATS could cause more harm then good in the long run.


You know, we are in this predicament exactly because Blizzard refused to nerf certain heroes and instead decided to include a hard support counter for them(we all know her name, I am kind of tired of repeating it). If they went with nerfing instead it would have never gotten this worse. And come on now, every competitive game has buffs and nerfs every month, sometimes every 2 weeks. It is needed to keep things fresh and balanced. Forcing players into arbitrary team compositions will only limit the scope of the game.