Why keep co-op mode on a time limit?


What’s the point? If anything two different modes would attract more people, particularly those who are not interested in PvP and in return potentially more cash spent on their lootboxes. Seems to me like Blizzard is only shooting itself in the foot here.
I for one have grown to enjoy co-op modes in recent years and Overwatch here completely nails it.


Yeah it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Like I’m not a big fan of PvP in Fornite but I enjoy the PvE Save The World mode and that works really well, so definitely Blizz could take a page from their book on that respect, give players the choice of modes because not everyone cares about PvP or OWL.

Saying that though, apparently something big that the playerbase have been requesting for is coming at the Anniversary Event. Will it be permanent PvE, I hope so but chances are it’s something entirely different.


If the modes were year round they will lose their fun and people will no longer like them. I know that personally im already getting bored of them and if they were year round either no one would play them or less people would queue for qp/comp


Every year OP’s question is asked, and every year there’s a response like yours. Personally, I’m the complete opposite of you. I played 20-30 games a day, the entire time the event was on. I couldn’t get enough and I still want to play them.

My point: if you or others get tired of it, you do you. There are new players all the time, players that can only play a few times a month, and players that just want to beat their heads against Legendary.

But I think you have a point there about queue times.


QP/competitive mode will always have short-ish queue times, PvE wont change that. If anything the PvE queue times will go up. We are talking about multiple events on multiple difficulties and there is barely any difference between them. You can play against the same enemies on the same maps for only so long until you get completely bored. Keeping it permanent will only reduce the hype for the next such event.


I’ll use your same argument then: QP/competitive modes get boring for me. I can play against the same comp on the same maps for only so long before I get completely bored. If I or others want something else to play, what do you care?

If you, personally, are bored with the PVE stuff, then don’t play it. Having it year round won’t reduce the hype for the next yearly PVE event.


You’re both not wrong, I was hoping that the community would make some cool pve events in the workshop, but I guess not yet. I have a hunch they’re leaving permanent pve as a last addition.