Why Reaper is NOT overpowered

  • Pick Pharah, shoot him.
  • Pick dva, force his wraith cooldown, and eat his rounds when your team is attacking him. He can’t heal if he can’t deal damage.
  • Pick Mcree, press E + RMB, or just outrange him with pressure. One headshot will force wraith most of the time.
  • Use literally ANY other CC ability.
  • Pick widowmaker. end of story.

Reaper is strong against extremely disorganized players.
This makes people in low ranks think he’s broken apparently.
Is he really, though? I mean, just try picking mcree for once against him.


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I agree with the fact that you can counter him with many heroes, but he is still really good in average ow games. I would like to see him changed so he is more skill to play. I suggest making his wraith cooldown shorter from 8s to 6s, but making the duration shorter too from 3s to 1,8s. This would enable him to use it more like avoid cc ability, then escape ability. I would like a similar change for Mei Iceblock :slight_smile:


Reaper is strong against extremely disorganized players.

Do you understand that it only takes ONE bad player to make him broken? It doesn’t matter how well you play, because your teammates will take joy in feeding him. This is the problem with the “just play better” at lower ranks, your team CAN’T play better, if they could they wouldn’t be at the low rank!


Don’t you see the contradiction here?


Ironically in Overwatch the lower you get the harder the games become because you cant depend on your team anymore to do anything productive.


No, but the enemy team is also much less organized which makes solo carrying easier.

It’s possible that if you rely too much on your team, you will have a harder time to climb, even if you have good game knowledge.
I guess this could be one of the reasons many people practice mechanics to climb out of the lower ranks.


The first part doesn’t work though for 2 very important reasons.

  1. If you are doing well you’ll be labelled a carry and put with weaker teammates while your enemies will be strong. Win a bunch of times, suddenly a game with 3-4 smurfs. Lose to the smurfing, the next game is completely normal with mostly silver portraits. Funny how this works, both games should have been roughly similar because they were at the same level yet one was completely lopsided from the start.

  2. Braindead strategies. Lets take the good old Reinhardt + Orisa + Bastion + Mercy on junkertown attack. If your team cant deal with it what you gonna do. Learn to play Sombra, right? If they are running Mercy + Pharah and your team consists of those lovely Mercy mains(doesn’t happen as much now) what you gonna do. Learn to play Widowmaker, right? At higher levels you don’t have to, you can expect your teammates to play their roles properly instead of having to do it all yourself.

  1. Are you sure your team is getting weaker compared to the enemy? couldn’t it just be yourself having a harder time vs harder enemies?
    At any rank you will get unwinnable games, this is not something special for lower ranks. Only thing different may be the cause of the unwinnable games.
  2. well yes. You learn how to play around what the enemies are doing. Learning to adapt are part of the process of improving at the game.
    How to play around certain cheese comps is not just limited to one option.
    VS the bastion double shield comp, Mei is another example that can work really well by simply placing a wall under bastion.
    Against Pharmercy, there’s even more options
    At higher ranks more people have learned this and therefore you may see your team play around it better as well.
    But it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to make solo plays to allow your team to have much better chances of winning.


Oh so it takes one bad player to make Reaper broken… but when it comes to Rein Zarya all 6 players must dodge there team fight wining near instant CC ult. ok…


Wow man, you are right. Enemies 25 SR stronger than me are definitely too much to handle, never thought about it this way.


No because there isn’t one… you can’t beat the Reaper because your team is feeding. You can’t leave the rank because you keep losing because your team keeps feeding. So you’re forced to play games where everything is decided by which team has the best Reaper, not exactly exciting for the rest of us.

Currently the only way to get out of low rank is to get lucky. Making the prison we’re stuck in even worse isn’t a good idea, and it’s especially silly to defend this patch when the high rank players claim Reaper still isn’t good! If he sucks now then we can put him back where he was!


Okay, just ignore my point and be offended.


Honestly it all just sounds like team blaming.
If you are better than your rank you will climb.

I mean, I made the climb from Plat to Master in just 14 games back in S3. Are now playing ~4100 MMR. If I can climb out of it, so can you.
The more you blame your team, the less you will see your own mistakes which makes climbing much harder.


You seem to assume all Reapers are controlled by morons who will just press W and walk head on towards the enemy whilst shooting.

Ones with half a brain will avoid being out in the open too long.
They will use the TP skill and use height to their advantage, dropping down on the enemy and killing a few before a widow or Pharah has had time to do anything.


I don’t want to climb, I want to play decent games. You can’t gain SR without winning a match, and you can’t win a match without having at least a competent team. I blame the specific individuals on my team deliberately feeding… that seems fair to me.


It surely sounded like your arguments was aimed for people who wish to climb.

If a person wish to climb, simply improving will do the job.
They are not held back by a hero being strong in any specific rank.

I can understand the argument that Reaper can be seen as suffocating at lower ranks. I also believe this is an issue Blizzard seriously have to consider finding a fix for.

I only tried to argue against the whole idea of him making climbing impossible.


Wanna know how can u stop a reaper on your Reinhardt when he has the Zarya bubble, no cc, no pharah, no widow, just say bye to your tank


The bubble can be destroyed pretty fast.

Otherwise Lucio can speed Rein to keep Reaper from being able to get behind the shield.
Also there’s Defense Matrix and your own Zarya bubble to help keeping your rein alive.


This assumes 2 people play together and coordinate with each other. Competitive is mostly not like that.