Widow hacker, ban it before replay disappear

I met lvl 1 player, hacking in widow lobby


you do know that you cant name people and without evidence ?

it aint white knights . those are rules of the forums . you click on accept when you first come to forum . either abide by the rules or get suspension and a lovely vacation or in your case get a pizza time .

blizzard isn’t doing anything, in their absence the community will step in, regardless of the ToS…

if you cant accept that, then you’re only helping the cheaters… I see people like you every match there is a cheater, you deny it, call the other people “bad” etc, and cheaters just get away with it, over and over

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Exactly and you ARE NOT a moderator or a Blizzard employee so stop pretending that your are. Untill then, you ARE a white knight.

It’s as Marasovqueen said, naming and shaming other players on the Forums is against the forum Code of Conduct.
If you find someone hacking or otherwise breaking the rules in-game please do report them using the report menu.
While it may not immediately remove them from your game, every report is extremely useful in handling hackers and they -are- effective and do often lead to suspensions and bans.
Keep in mind though, as we rely on player reports for removing rulebreakers, our systems are better the more people use them :slight_smile:

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Can i ask something? How long should we wait until some actions will be confirm to this or another hacker? I just trying to say that players in open laugh on anticheat system. Also if they will be banned - they just will buy another one account and continue this.
And i wanna know what will be with players who play in group with those cheaters but not or use cheats?

it shouldn’t be, its asinine

why? nothing is done about it

not in my experience, ive reported hundreds of em and got no feedback that anything was done about it, also, why should I be forced to sit in a game with a hacker? I cant leave because I get punished, I cant stop playing because I get punished, yet the hacker is free to do as they please… maybe I should buy a hack shrugs

you shouldn’t you should spend the money on a decent anti cheat

and if you cant accept the tos then you should not be on the forum in the first place .

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ToS is vauge and can be interpreted in any way that the people in charge want, its totalitarian, censorious and pathetic

and I stand by my statement, if blizzard wont do anything about the problem, then the community that actually cares about the game will…

the reason they don’t want you naming and shaming is because it exposes their ineptitude in dealing with the problem, and shows just how big of a problem it is, which they don’t want you to know

i have played against a cheater widow with 50 lvl. i shared replay code here. he was only hs and was shooting empty places cause of make his accuracy lower. everybody accepted that he is cheating at forum. i report him ingame. Moderators delete my topic cause of naming player then gave me hacks@blizzard bla bla e mail. i mailed him and do you know what happened ?


No ingame feedback about my report or via e mail.

he is probably destroying tons of players experience and noone cares.

blizzard dont care about cheaters/smurfs/stupid hero pool anything.

they just want to make this game end.

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.the blue blizz gm has spoken .i have nothing more to add to you

GM’s tow the party line

the party line is “tell them what they want to hear, what actually happens is different and they don’t need to know”

if you believe them, more fool you

Hey folks,

Going to try and address the main points raised so far in this thread. Also going to close the thread out as there isn’t really any discussion that needs to follow up.

While I can understand that without being told something happens, it’s very easy to think nothing happens but that’s simply not the case. A while back we introduced the acknowledgement notification ingame when we did do something to someone you reported. That is not sent for every report that you make there results in action, in fact it was toned it back a bit to make sure it couldn’t be abused.

Everyone deserves their privacy and we will only discuss what happens to an account with it’s registered owner. No Naming and Shaming is the rule here and for a very simple reason, what if you’re wrong? In this day and age we shouldn’t have to explain why that could be bad.

As my colleague mentioned, we do rely a lot on player reports but it’s not quite how you think. We also have much more behind the scenes which help us in our attempt to keep the playing field as level as possible. Bad people make new hacks daily and player reports can help us identify those quickly.

The Terms of Service are what they are, our rules for how we want the fans of our games to act while on our services. We appreciate greatly when they are followed but will take action when not.

Thanks for showing your passion for the game and for watching out for it’s integrity. Please continue to put in those reports of players you are suspicious of.

Have fun and stay safe!

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