Winning Game and losing SR!

I just played a competitive game on the switch, won and lost SR!!! Played as tank, we full held on temple of Anubis. someone on the other team quite. we took the first point in about a minute. I ended the game with 4 gold medals, 21 kills, and no deaths. started the game at 2335 and am now at 2331. Please explain how this is possible.

It isn’t possible, which means that you are simply mistaken about what happened in some way.

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I am not mistaken. The two games I last played were on tank, and I won them both. The first got me to a season-high of 2335 and after the second win, I was ranked 2331. I have a picture of the replay screen showing that information. is there a way I can link that to this forum?

It’s can’t happen. I think the least you can do is gain 2. (not seen anyone gain 1 before).