Wow. You guys destroyed Lucioballl

All the teamwork, all the coordination required to score or defend, just gone. I loved classic Lucioball. This… is a frankenstein mess of a hot monster that should never have gotten past QA.


Everyone hates the maps but the devs couldn’t f*cking care less they wanna stroke themselves for being creative.

this happened last year, yes new Lucioball is trash but they dont care

Agreed. Just played some games, it’s worse. :S

Greetings,@TLiciousX, I complitly disagree with you,I been wait for Copa Lucio so long,and Copa Lucio it’s seems for me is even better.My first game was yestrday,I was so happy to play it I swear,I lost first 4 then I win 2,then I lost 2 and win 1 but is fun ^____^ I never care about score tbh. Best of all in the future! <3

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What have the changed?