Wtf is wrong with the ranking system

I some how got placed in bronze five then i play 7w/2l and get bronze five again!!!


What was your SR in OW1?

(remember “winning” isn’t what your placements are about).

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Bronze 5 is everything from 0SR to 1000 SR.

If you’ve been placed at 500 SR, it’ll take a while to get to 1100, which is Bronze 4.


Greetings Themummy15,

As Apotzen wrote the SR range for Bronze 5 is very wide and it may take a while to get to a higher rank. If you win most of your matches and play well you will get promoted to Bronze 4 and from there the SR range will be closer to 100 per rank, so you will start to get promoted more quickly if you keep winning and playing well.


fr i placed silver 3 6 times already


Then you aren’t gaining much SR in your 7 wins. Or you’re losing more.

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I stuck on bronze 5 over and over.
I won 7 in 8 maches and bronze 5

Bronze 5 is a 1000sr range.

If you placed around 500 sr… you will need to win 20+ games to get out of bronze 5 (and that is assuming you don’t lose any.

I some how got placed in bronze five then i play 7w/2l and get bronze five again!!!


Bronze 5 is a 1000sr range.

Could take 20/30/40 wins to get out to bronze 4.

Similar story here. Placed originally in Bronze 2 have dropped like a lead balloon to Bronze 5 and now can’t get out. I’m not crazy good but Gold support would have been my usual level in OW1 I can’t see how I could be classed as bottom rank. My heals are nearly always highest in the team with some assist and damage as well.

I speak to alot of people previously in platinum ow1 now stuck in B5 with no way out. Something seems not right.

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I placed Silver 5 and climbed to plat 5 without any fuss on support.

It’s not that hard if you were truly gold in OW1, you’ll get there.

Or you could be like someone else who made similar claims. Thinks they were gold skilled because that’s where they started in OW1. Yet they dropped every season.

The ow2 way is the reverse. Place you lower and make you climb. Sounds like maybe you were still too high in OW1 perhaps.

hey i got silver 1 and on any much i god between 30-45 kills and 5 or lower deaths, my friend got gold 5 and he has the same stats like me even lower.

Did you both play OW1?
If so what were your SR’s there…

Wasn’t there literally a bug which was fixed last patch?

" * Resolved an issue where some players could be stuck in Bronze 5 even after several rank updates"

Telling people to keep playing to resolve the issue, which can not be resolved is a little harsh don’t you think?

Yes and no.

The bug was fixed and a boost applied to the affected accounts. So you literally had to play more to get back to where you should be.

why dont u tell him that he landed in bronze 5 in the first place cause of BLIZZARDS FAULT with the RANKING BUG and now you put it on solely his shoulders to get out of YOUR MESS on his own account you…not so decent human?

I queue as Plat 3, won my 7th game, rank report show me Gold 3 then give me rank up to Gold 1, What is this?

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A visual bug. It shows your first rank image as the rank you are promoted/demoted to.

Zero effects on functionality, no worries. You’ve just been demoted from Plat 3 to Gold 1.

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Had enough of this game, I won all my 7 games, from plat 5 i got ranked plat 5, then from 5 to 4, then from 4 to 4 and again from 4 to 4.