Xbox Discord Group

All regions welcome!

If you are looking for a friendly, laid back group to play comp with and do a bit of quick play, arcade, custom game events with and even just chat with, then this is the discord group for you.
We have a tonne of easy to get along with members with Sr tier ranging from bronze to master, all Sr tiers welcome.
We have members in many different timezones so you can easily find a group of people to team up with.
All ages are welcome.
If you are interested leave a comment with your GT and I will get in contact with you with the Link to our discord group.

Iā€™m personally am currently Diamond at 3260
And top 500 Reaper!
Im happy to help any rank and comp whenever I can!

If you are unable to leaving your GT for what ever reason, then please feel free to message me direct on Xbox
My GT is: Han Sola III
Will be great hearing for you :slight_smile:

Please note. If you are uncomfortable with occasional strong language, this probably is not the right chat for you. Also, we do not tolerate members being toxic/salty to another member.

Happy Overwatching!

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