Yeah, check out my matchmaking

This is probably the worse I have ever witness in this game.
I don’t know how someone cannot be rude, toxic and worse after this.

Opposite team had 2 players less because they left, they managed to push the payload more than half of the map. Sure, we still won but that much says what kind of team mates I keep getting in my team. Funny enough, I only get them as I get close to my seasonal peak.

How is this fine? How is this “fair” match-making?
I’d rather lose that match than call it a ‘win’ because of pathetic fact that I got these mongrels in my team.

Needless to say, that by now, I have been already 10 times at (around) 2100 SR and down to 1900 SR (2051 atm) and its always same reason and that is, there is no reason at all except system doing it’s “magic”. My career peak is 2800.

Really, I don’t think I even have to try anymore. I think I could just run around as whatever hero and system will do its thing. It’s like, as I get good team-mates on 1900 SR, I will equally get bad team-mates at 2100 SR.

I feel your pain.

But this isn’t the game doing things. The match maker can’t predict human behaviour.

It is just a case of a little bad luck mixed with a dash of remembering the bad experiences with more clarity than the good ones (which is normal for us mere mortals).

But to answer your first part… it is very easy not to be toxic in this scenario. You choose not to be, as toxic behaviour is purely a choice the player makes and not the issue of anything or anyone else.

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I turned off chat because they would extra annoy me if they would start blaming DPS as usual.

Problem I have is, how can it be “luck” when 10 times same thing happens?
200 SR up.
200 SR down.

I swear, I could blind fold my eyes, it would be same result.
I agree that matchmaking cannot predict human behavior.


Here, it’s happening again. Literally that “thing” is happening right now.

Last night, I pushed back to 2090 SR. 8 wins a row, I didn’t even have a bronze damage in some of those matches.

Now I get like 44 eliminations and 20k damage, lost after lost after lost.

So, I am now down again to 1990 SR. I want to break something.

In the SR range you mention… Turning text chat off is usually a good move.

The skill difference between 1900 and 2100 is almost nothing.

In that window, you are better off just doing what you do, making sure you maximise your impact and what will be will be.

Sometimes you just get runs of games where you are not having the best of luck (your aims off, or you keep doing silly things), and get the addition of things just not clicking with your teammates. Nothing you can do in those games. If SR and rank are important to you, then maybe the best course of action is to realise quicker the games aren’t going well, and just chill in quick play for a bit.

The highest stats I have in 1 match this season were from a loss. 54 elims and 21k dmg. At least you know you did your part, can’t really do much more.

Sometimes 1 kill is more important than 3. (That one pick on a support that leads to a won fight, vs getting 3 picks when the fight is lost…)

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I agree. I don’t want to play quickies. I mean, there is no meaning in them for me. I’d better play other game instead then. But then again, I don’t see a meaning in playing competitive when I cannot have any impact on the match.

Like, sure, I agree with you that having high elims and high damage is what says “I did my part” but problem is that even as such, I get other team running carelessly free in most things where they shouldn’t and then I wonder “What impact did I have on this match? Appereantly, NONE WHASTOEVER”

There is that option. I didn’t want to lead with “just play something else” lol.

Last night, I won 6 in a row, then I had 2 bad games and lost that “buzz”. So went to play some Halo Infinite.

You are playing in the same window I am in on DPS. I was lower than that on all role, but grinded my way up to nearly 3300 on tank, and was 2700 on support for a bit.

If you are playing DPS, you have to remember your roles impact isn’t the highest in the game. If your tanks are losing the tank duels consistently… then you can only do so much. This is why you can get 40 odd elims, and it feel like you haven’t done anything. If they are 40 elims, mostly killing the other DPS, while your tanks fall over… you have to look back and consider if your targets were the right ones.

Stats are great and all, I like looking through peoples stats to see how I compare… but ultimately the context of the match is a lot more important.

That is definitely happening. Their tanks and healers can eliminate, mines cannot. I can definitely confirm its true when I get 8 wins in a row. Usually, what happens is that I would eliminate 3 players and then one of their players eliminates whole my team, rendering my actions completely useless.

That is the joy of Overwatch.

If your target isn’t the right one, it could be completely pointless.

Sometimes it is better to not use ults, bait theirs out and win the next fight.

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I agree with all of that.
What I have major issue with this game is that, it’s “team based” yet you have to carry, meaning, you are encouraged to not play team like.

Just for the record, it happened again - I went down to 1920 SR and then I won a game. I will probably get back to 2100 again and so on in circle.

Yes and no.

Sadly in the lower ranks, communication is rare (and when it happens it usually isn’t that helpful). So the games are more death match like. The team side comes in when people actively choose that, which isn’t common outside of 6 stacks in the lower ranks.

But there are little things you can do without comms as DPS (outside of solo picks), like if you have a main tank that isn’t communicating, make life a little simpler. Unless you have an easy kill on someone out of position, just shoot who they are brawling.

It is a little bit “teaching your nan to suck eggs” like… but it is amazing how many players just don’t think about it.

Not having comms means you just need to improve reading the game, and tracking what the enemy might have/do.

Im new to the game. I understand it’s on its trailing edge. Ii don’t play completive because the players just seem to chase dps and you are just going to lose

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The “if it’s red, it must be dead” mentality.

That’s what makes it more of a death match than a team game. People get tunnel vision.

Greetings @AJ87 , all I can say about this,game is huge,alot people playing it even if some people claim opposite,when u have that huge amount of players ofc some of them would be trols,or can happend either they play tougheter from same house and they lost internet or something,like old broather and younger.Game cannot guaranted you the same thing or simular to not happend in the future,but what game can promiss you,if u report them,they will be under investigation Overwatch team which mean if they deserv punish they will get one.About score,I feel your pain,when you drop 200-300 score in only 1 day it happend to me alot,but I know why happend to me I find it,you can stop it,it happend to me because I am not focused enought but I wonna play the game.I try to stack groups when that happend,I try to invite friends,and it’s work. I wish you all of the best on the battlefield in the future!

The most efficient way to get better would be a fair ello ladder system. But devs are too busy preying on poor women colleagues to care about the state of the game

That was other Blizzard teams, Team 4 have not been implicated in that, if anything they suffer because their team members are sick of the rubbish going on and leave.

Go on record and say team 4 haven’t had their dirty little way rodimusprime. I know they have, you know they have, Jeff knows they have. It’s why he left. It’s why their game lies in utter ruins.

Hello Stannis.

I am not bothered about leavers and trolls.
I am doing far better when I know what’s the cause of the lost game.
Someone leaves, what you can do - nothing.
Someone trolls, you can’t do nothing about it either, except report.

My general problem is that I know what’s going wrong and games that are lost are always in same style (maybe it should be this way) but frustration is high when I cannot do anything about it.

I didn’t play game for 2 days because I started to get even more frustrated when I say to my self “Okay, lets play flex for tickets. It should be 1 victory quick enough”.

I lose 5 games in a row, which means I am essentially 1 hour in a queue for DPS role.

But yeah, I stop here and there.

No, Jeff left due to the actions of Bobby Kotick that have been revealed by employees recently.

It is all documented, and there is no record of Team 4 being involved. Just the victims of Bobby Kotick playing games with peoples time and resources.

By documented you mean a few Twitter messages of course. If you think team 4 are completely untainted of the filth that’s endemic of the rest of the company then you’re an even bigger blizzard mark than your post count would suggest.

Twitter messages of first hand accounts as to what was going on is exactly what documented means.

You signed up to play this card… And you haven’t even got your facts straight.