Years to climb at DPS

I have a 10-15 minute wait time when queueing for competitive DPS with an average game taking around 10-15 minutes which means in theory i can only play maybe 2 - 3 games an hour cause they’ll always be quiters within an hour. So if I’m ranked at say 2000 and only gain about 20 sr per game and won on average 3 out of 5 games i would need to play around 200 - 250 hrs without break to gain around 600 sr. That’s messed up lol.

Unless you figure out how to make bigger improvements, then gain SR quicker.

Just winning isn’t enough!

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It seems there is a massive misconception in your understanding of rank.
Its not a linear function of playtime. You will face leavers, bad matchmaking, losing streaks that throw you back & harder enemies the closer you get to your rank, until you eventually stop climbing at your skill level.

Don’t bother focusing on your sr tho, you will get some but thats just a virtual, meaningless number. Just play the game and have fun. Chaining yourself to that number will put a huge frustration burden on your play that will drag you down and negatively impact your performance. Completely unneccessary.


Just like Cyx said on stream the week answering someone who asked for help on how to climb.

He said if you can’t do it yourself, you’re probably not good enough and at or above your level.

So, enjoy the game, stop worrying.

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Especially when playing low ranked. Can be a right pain to climb and it takes quite some time.

That’s because the dps role has a lower impact on the game when all things are equal.

You have to step up a lot more to get stuff done and carry games on DPS.

Keep working on those marginal gains!!!