You should lose less sr for a game with leavers


No ironic, toxic, unproductive, non-constructive, crappy-minded individuals like you are mostly responsible for someone leaving the game. Also you forgot what is this topic about, not trolling someone, but discussing that 5 other players should not be punished for leaver.


I know exactly what the topic is. The point is that leaver don’t leave for no reason, its often due to uncooperative, uncommunicative team which won’t coordinate anything, talk on voice comms or counterpick enemy heros and then when their team falls apart in a steamroll, they come here to whine about leavers.


Yes so you may lose, and you may leave I don’t care, I’m not here to fix behavior of other 5, I just don’t want to be punished for that. I never left the game even I was not always satisfied with what my teammates are doing or not doing.


Don’t play team games then.
All of them have one fundamental thing in common: when one of your team buddies screws up -> you potentially lose.


Sure uninstall is best option if you don’t want to bother. This is feedback and discussion forum, game is crap and if you don’t want to contribute to it be better, you should not nitpicking what people say and play smart ass buddy. I played solo CS 1.3 on Skillz server and even at that time, you could not meet troll or player with inadequate skills.


who cares about your cs skills, you’re upset that you have to suffer when one of your team comrades screws up, in a team game. This is so fundamentally wrong and ridiculous that there is no way you’re not going to point and laugh.


No that just demonstrates more poor design than 20 years old game, which we try to provide feedback on. I should not lose any damn point, when someone leaves game out of my control, or you can give me high skill bot (they do usually quite good as sup) or end up game right away as it stopped to be fair anyways, if player doesn’t rejoin. Do you have any logically consistent idea on this topic? And I mean so far it seems you are just lobbying for trolls :slight_smile:


oh this is about “muh pointz”… lmao.

Jesus why are people so goddamn whiny nowadays. Lost a game, jump to next one and keep going. Its all worthless numbers.


That was the purpose of competitive to get some idea on how you stand between the others, now it’s just statistical noise and you have QP for this type of approach to the game.


comp is still a game and numbers are just numbers. You’re going to end up at your rank with or without leavers, because they are the very static noise you mentioned.


Not really, imagine tank placed wrongly (whatever your opinion on placements is). Now before it ‘balances’ it will screw up true potential score of 5 players multiple times. Let’s say 10 games before you reach what game thinks is your rank. 10 x 250= 2500 points is now wrong and needs to ‘re-balance’. And this goes up geometrically and now it’s just very inaccurate dis-balance, where matchmaking is doing it yet worst. It’s trash man :slight_smile:


so what, over time you’ll reach your rank regardless, just need to play enough games in order to get there.


There is nothing like my rank, current rank consists of matchmaking slot machine mix of teammates and opponents so it keeps you on 1:1 W:L, performance of the whole team, where mood of each, their social interaction, education and character plays crucial role. And I have to probably pump up their OW balance, so they do not leave. :slight_smile: It takes no consideration on how my performance was compared to other players in game, just if I lost or won :slight_smile: Trash man, trash.


so you’re saying its all random? That some people are diamond, GM or silver?
That they have a tendency to stick to a particular level over longer period of time is also random?
Sure some sort of noise is always there, we’re humans, abysmal consistency is our achilles heel - but generally speaking you can see and roughly rate someones performance which is not equal for all people -> thats “your rank”.

if you mean it keeps you at 1:1 in terms of it strives for balanced matches, you’re right, that’s the whole point of a functioning matchmaker - matching equally skilled players vs. each other. But until you get there it’s all but 1:1.


Well enjoy the game, if you like it :slight_smile: I uninstalled week ago for all reasons I mentioned, even I play from S1. I would imagine it working bracket way, winners with winners, playing next match against winners, not losers you just beat up. :slight_smile: And there should be team rank and personal rank, that would demonstrate the huge discrepancy :slight_smile: Do you recall oversumo? Diamond performance multiple times, sure -50, you got leaver or lost :slight_smile: Where is prefer this player, there was too many good players not fitting the model? :slight_smile: Or you can talk me trough statistical model they use and how they came up to idea that it is any good? :slight_smile: How old accounts are cursed with historical data and replacement is piece of joke not based on any real data or comparison against samples? How it happens bunch of geeks can do it on external application and company promoting it as big fun can’t. Its just big frustration if you don’t play couple of QP as relax once in a week.


Why are you still here, then? Just to say “I uninstalled”?

Anyway, see you ingame :slight_smile:


I said many things in other posts, see you in the game which name is not Overwatch. I might try in a year, that is about how long it can take them to make it playable.