You shouldn't lose SR for having leavers

I just had 2 matches with leavers.
It costs me 25 SR each time.
We shouldn’t punish players who try to win.
It feels like they don’t want you to climb.
Soo annoying to be grinding and getting leavers.
You just don’t win 5v6s in gold plat.

I won a 5v6 today in midgold/plat. ive done it quite a few times. probably around 4-6 times. It’s possible to win.

What is annoying is people who give up and and leave afterwards or stop trying and flat out throw.

Lost one not too long ago (BVP0P1) We were pretty much stomping. one left. they pocketed a pharah. Then another left. It pissed me off more than than the first ‘dc’.

please ban that second leaver.

Sadly enough you can’t do anything about leavers except making the punishment worse.

Making players not lose SR for having a leaver will result in abuse.

Making the punishment too harsh will result in less comp players because they’re scared something will happen.

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My only advice (and some really don’t like this…), is to find a way to not be so precious about your SR.

Once you chill out more, start having fun, you will find that you win a lot more games, and make better decisions.