A GTA themed Starcraft game

As the title says.
Make a Starcraft 2 game with a Grand Theft Auto theme.

How would this game be like?

  • There would be 3 different zones in this game, one for each race.
  • Perhaps 3 planets for EACH race… to have different missions.
  • Travel from planet to planet via Warp Conduit (like in the Void Launch Co-op mission). These warp devices are located at the edge of each city / planet… mostly in an isolated area.
  • Maybe modify the missions from the campaigns… make them a bit more like GTA.
  • Gather minerals and Vespene gas as rewards from each mission, or the player harvests them.
  • Ability to destroy vehicles, make things explode, infest things.
  • Rob people and steal their resources (minerals and gas). The amount of minerals and gas is random… some people have only minerals, some only gas, some both, some have nothing.
  • Buy property.
  • Control territory.
  • Territory is controlled by fighting or infesting.
  • Have laboratories to research tech and essence (like in WoL campaign), or steal tech or infest them.
  • Rob places.
  • Rivalry between Terran groups (think of Raynor’s Raiders vs Dominion), Zerg broods and Protoss tribes (Tal’darim vs Nerazim). You would have to fight in ALL 3 worlds and gain territory.
  • Build new bases in new acquired territory, or infest them.
  • Rob vehicles, ships and more, and then salvage or sell them.
  • Ability to exchange minerals into gas and vice versa. For example: you have a lot of minerals but no gas, so you buy vespene gas using the minerals you already have.
  • Secret items to find.

That’s all I can think of for now.
These ideas were based on GTA Vice City and San Andreas.

What do you think?

I don’t think Blizzard would do this, to be honest.
But I might be wrong.

Thanks for reading

well its not as extravagant as you would like but i have seen some GTA Use map setting maps going

Yes, it might not be extravagant as we would like, but we can dream :slight_smile:

There was that RPG arcade game… Nothing like GTA but it was from 3rd person and such, I think it was called “StarCraft Universe”