Alarak Causing Mac to Crash

I’m on a 2019 imac and I am having issues with CO-OP when I play as alrak. At somepoint in the Co-Op mission the screen will freeze sometimes shutting down SC2 and sometimes fatal error to my whole computer causing a reboot… I can play other co-op commanders just fine, I think there must be some bugs associated with alarak… anyone else having issue or have advice?

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I have the same problem. Only on Alarak.

I am having the same problem. iMac 5k with Catalina and only Alarak causes the described crashes. Playing with other commanders is fine. Is there something what can be done before Blizzard fixes that?

Please keep in mind the age of the last post on a thread. It’s generally best to make a new one if the problem is an old one like this. Please go ahead and make a new thread.