Can't connect to EU servers

I can’t connect to Starcraft II European server. It tries to “authenticate” and then just goes back to the log in screen without any message as to why the connection didn’t succeed.

I can connect to the American server fine, but not to European. My friend can connect to the EU server so the problem seems to be either with my account or my machine.

I tried all the 9 steps mentioned here: (except 5 because I’m not on wireless connection). I also tried using WinMTR and it had responses fine on 2 out of 3 European IPs (no lost packages)

What should I do to fix this?

same here, no idea what to do

Same here
So my []( app works fine, everything I have is updated (operating system, the app, the game etc.) but when I launch SCII it asks me to select a server (EU) and log in.

When I log in nothing happens, it just reverts back to the login screen. I’ve tried restarting the app with no success, any help would be appreciated!

I’m having the same issue. I can log onto the US server though, but I had to create a new account for that server.

I have similar issue. I’m able to log into US,KR but not into EU and on top of that my friend list is gone :confused:

It works for me now ----------------------------

hi guys,
i’m having same problem now.
Also i can connect to the EU server when i use Iphone hotspot
but i want to play on EU server with normal internet.