Cant play online

Hi all,

my multiplayer isn’t working anymore. It is not loading ANYTHING. My profile doesn’t get loaded and multiplayer screens don’t get loaded, cant play with AI.
It worked completely fine 24 h ago and I’ve been trying to fix it for almost 2 hours now… :frowning:

What I tried already:

-Wait 30min.
-clean cache of all blizzard games
-reinstall all blizzard games &
-used the sc2 repair function
-changed ip4 & ip6 DNS servers to 8888 and 8844
-dns flushing / checked connection / ipconfig renew
-made sure every firewall / 3rd party software is deactivated
-made sure all the ports (6112-6119) are forwarded / open
-cry a lot.

Campaign is working just fine…


Same story
Same problems
It sucks I know
No wonder

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