Co-op - Artanis' Dragoon Die Quicker?

I cannot be the only one who has this conspiracy, am I?

I went to play Muta, 2 weeks ago and thought I could pull through with Goons like usual. Normally, once you get between 25-30 of them, seeing one or more actually die is usually a rare sight.
So, I got right around 32-34 of them like 13 ~ 15 minutes in… And they all just died?

This isnt the only instance btw, just an example.

It generally feels like their Shields Regeneration with the Upgrade thingie is less and that they’re taking something like 50% more damage and their Guardian Shell suddenly has a lot less impact then before, it seems…

It used to my be go to no-brain strategy and you only get those spinny Zeolot bois if theres a Zergling/baneling comp. Lately, however, I’ve out of nowhere been losing a fair share of games, despite no changes in build order, timing, nor strategy.

Would love to hear your opinion on this.

EDIT: I have compared replays and seen a dramatic shift in how many casualties occured in comparible encounters. With 40 Dragoons VS some hybrid/abberations/Immortals in Dead of Night.
The old replay shows 3-4 Casualies, as the one from recent patch has 10-14.