Co-op maps with bridges

Co-op missions with bridges that deploy/form from the campaigns.
This changes the terrain a bit, allowing more ways to get around the map.
Do you miss those missions with that? Seeing those bridges form was like a little eye candy :).
Of course, it would be needed to trigger those bridges… the bonus objective might me a good choice (or make the bonus harder to kill), or destroy certain targets, or be in a certain location (that happens in Lock and Load, Miner Evacuation, Cradle of Death)… or simply find the button to activate the bridge, like in Warcraft 3.

What do you think?

Wtf?! Is this English?

Would be nifty on larger maps or what least feels like larger maps such as Malwarfare that even the fastest units like Zerglings on Creep feels like they take two maps worth of travel time to reinforce when youre in the end.

Something like this would make it quite unfair for some commanders, since all commanders have different capabilities of moving around the map. While commanders like dehaka would have to get to the object that triggers the bridge to open, by having to fight through everything that’s in the way (probably what we would expect from everyone at first), while raynor would just drop his bio meat at this object and get it open right away. Meanwhile somewhere in the back Han and Horner would just screw that shit and fly over it.
These kinds of shortcuts make sense only for few certain missions in campaign for a reason, there is no place for them in co-op.

I understand. what you mean.
It was just a thought… maybe to get new ideas into co-op.