Co-op mission update – december 16th, 2019

Hello all! We hope you’ve been enjoying Mengsk, his endless Troopers, powerful Royal Guard, and overall questionable war tactics. Whether Mengsk is your commander or choice or not, we have another surprise for you: the final Co-op commander revamp consisting of changes to Tychus, Zeratul, Stetmann, and even Mengsk. Because we wanted to get this update out before the holidays and very soon after Mengsk, we’ll be forgoing our traditional multi-week update format in favor of a more concise summary of planned changes. Here’s what you can expect soon in an upcoming patch:


Tychus’ changes will focus on improving some of his lesser used outlaws: Blaze, Lt. Nikara, and Vega. We’ll also be taking a look at Medivac Pickup as we believe it provides too much instantaneous free healing, allow Tychus to be a bit more responsive than we liked and crowding out options like Lt. Nikara.


For Zeratul, we believe his Legendary Legions and Tesseract Cannons are too powerful for their respective costs. At the same time, we’d like to take stock of all the Artifact powers to ensure that they’re more competitive with each other across each tier.


One piece of feedback we’ve received about Stetmann is how overly transformative Super Gary is as an upgrade. As such, we’d like to improve Gary relative to Super Gary such that players will be incentivized to spend more of their time as Gary. We’ll also be taking further steps to lower the potency of Mecha Roaches while increasing the power and usability of Mecha Battlecarrier Lords.


For Mengsk, we’re going to be looking to tweak both his starting economy and the Imperial Support he gains when his Troopers are Indoctrinated as both trend higher than intended. We’ll also continue to implement bug fixes and tweaks to his more underused units and abilities.


After reviewing feedback, we’ll be lowering the difficulty of Brutal+ across the board with the exception of Brutal+6. In addition, Brutal+1 through +4 will now be capped at 3 mutators each, and you’ll generally be more likely to get fewer mutators overall.

And with that, we want to wish everyone happy holidays and especially happy Co-oping!

Kevin Dong
Lead Co-op Designer


Well, we all knew that Zeratul nerf was on the way. It was only matter of time.

Very stupid nerfs in my opinion. Lets start this is pve and it is intended to be fun, not annoying.
Tychus nerf is incredible big. Medivac was the most important heal. This 10 second heal is just useless. And why it is cancelled if you take damage? In reality medivac now is just transport.

About zeratul: most likely canon build is just killed. It is too expensive and cd is making problematic this to be responsive in needed situation.

Mengsk top panel is the most and almost only useful thing of mengsk. Not like his trooper is some really efficient. Why does Imperial mandate is nerfed I don’t get it. Than nerf vespen cost of Battlecruicer from 900 to 600 in order to be able to build them early in the game. At the start you have almost no vespen for buying any royal guard and once you already have it, the game is in a bit late stage.